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Jan 26, 2007 02:46 PM

Trader Joe's - Rego Park - Update

apparently, union trouble, haw haw. and, a later date.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Does anybody know what the public transport situation is to this site? I'm already raring to go and I want to be ready. I can get to the 14th St store fairly easily but the crowds are insane.

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    1. re: New_2_718

      You would have to take the subway to Continental Ave and then a bus to the store. This is why so many Queensites are so terribly angry about the location. I even sent an email to headquarters expressing outrage letting them know that a large portion of Queens residents (Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, etc) who don't own cars were left out. We could get to the 14th St store much easier. If they had chosen a location In or Near the Queens Mall that would have been a sensible location since it would be accessible for car owners and those who don't drive who would take the subway. They answered and said they were looking at other sites in Queens. I would rather deal with the insane crowds than having to take a subway and bus which would most likely take an hour.

      1. re: Mike V

        While your disappointment is quite real, it's apparent that TJ's WANTS the customer who arrives once-a-week in their SUV or roomy limo and stock up on enough stuff to fill their cupboards and stand-alone freezers.

        The 14th Street store is an anomaly. The lines move but are unimaginably long and winding, since the neighborhood sees this as their "everyday" marketplace...and it's a much better bargain than Gristede's or D'Ag's. But then not everyone is ashamed to drag a shopping cart around and unless you're on steroids, you won't be a bag-shlepper and fulfill Trader Joe's seemingly typical (suburban) checkout pricepoint of $200 or more. Pure genius in any case.

        1. re: Mike R.

          You are right about the TJ location strategy--they have never been in the business of getting their products out to the low-middle income masses (who could really benefit from access to TJ). Most of their stores are in wealthy suburbs--there are TWO in Scarsdale (well, one is technically Hartsdale but they are really close to each other).

          They have only recently started moving into urban areas in the east with the downtown stores in Philly and 14th St...but the model is definitely suburban. I am just thrilled, however, the Rego Park location is a little more than a mile from my house...I have been driving to suburbs once a month...

        2. re: Mike V

          Taking the subway to Continental Ave would likely require 2 buses to get to the new Trader Joe's which is not in Forest Hills proper. If you must take an express train, do get off at Continental (or take LIRR there). The shorter bus route (Q11) would take you more directly to the intersection of Woodhaven Blvd & Metropolitan Ave (where the store is) from the Woodhaven Blvd subway station (where Queens Center mall is) of the V/R trains. This is less onerous than Continental Ave stop for Queens residents like me but if I was in walking distance to the one in Union Square I would not bother taking public transport to the store in Queens.

          While it may have made sense on the surface to put the TJ near the Queens Mall, that area is a total traffic nightmare for people with cars (and no subway access) and for the people to live there who have been opposed to new large stores in the area (they successfully scared Wal-mart away).

          1. re: LarryN

            Metropolitan and Woodhaven? Why didn't you say so. That's only one bus ride on the limited Q53 from Woodside. That's pretty convenient.

            1. re: E Eto

              E Eto: I read your message this morning about the Q53 from Woodside to Trader Joe's. This afternoon, I was having a cup of tea on 75th & Broadway across from the 74th St Terminal. I look up and there's the Q53 Limited. So it looks like I will be shopping at the new Trader Joe's. Many thanks for the important info.

              1. re: Mike V

                It's almost as if it were a sign...

                BTW, for anyone along who is not familiar with Eric's post on the food highlights of another Queens bus route, the Q58, check out this old link: Eric, that's a nice subspecialty you've developed, documenting the chow ops along various public transport routes! The 7 train work is definitely your magnum opus.

      2. I detect some bus phobia... Metropolitan Avenue/Woodhaven Boulevard is easy to get to, even if the Q53 isn't convenient. The Q11, Q23, and Q54 also go by it, and all connect to subways.

        I’m not familiar with the new MTA-owned Q53 (last time I took it, 2 years ago, it was run by a private bus line and didn’t stop between Queens Boulevard and Broad Channel), but assuming the Q53 now does stop at Metropolitan/Woodhaven, E Eto is right on, the location’s an easy 20-minute ride from the Woodside 7 stop, and 15 minutes from the E/F/R/V Roosevelt Avenue and 7 74th Street stop. (Only potential downside is it wasn’t a frequent bus 2 years ago, don’t know if that’s changed.)

        On the Q11 the location’s a 10-minute ride from the Woodhaven Blvd R/V stop, on the Q23 20 minutes from the E/F Continental Avenue stop, and on the Q54 15 minutes from the M Middle Village stop and ? from the E/J/Z and F stops in Jamaica (haven’t taken the bus that far). The only wild card will be the time spent waiting for the bus (which has always seemed alot more random than the wait for a train).

        Despite the wild card, I’d still bet eastern Queens residents (with easy access to the trains and buses mentioned) would almost always arrive alot sooner at Metropolitan/Woodhaven than 14th, and western Queens residents probably wouldn’t notice much difference. And maybe there won’t be a mob scene in Queens (I'm an optimist).

        One caveat: the Q23 is a slow route, so people convenient to the 7 might find it faster to take the 7/N to Union Square (I have thought about this…).

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        1. re: JackTheLurker

          That was highly amusing. I do agree.. there is a touch of bus phobia.. but if you have some time on your hands.. the bus is the jam! The bus offers prime chow scouting! Buses usually wind through neighborhoods not accessible otherwise... often passing restaurants or other food establishments worth a trip back.

          On another note, the trip to TRader Joe's can be a whole day affair! Not too far away from the soon-to-be TJ's is Atlas Park! Shopping, movies, decent food and The Amish market.. a decent supermarket for sure. Check it out!

          1. re: majorkong79

            In July the Q54 will be stopping right at Atlas Park - it currently runs up the middle of St John's Cemetary, and will be making the short detour along Cooper Ave and then 80th Street.

          2. re: JackTheLurker

            We went through this whole bus thing a few months ago, but the threads are gone. Five-ten min. on the Q11 from Woodhaven Blvd. surely shouldn't be too much of a hardship for those who think the Queens Ctr. Mall would have been a better location. I for one am looking forward to this TJ's because for me, the trip to Union Square and back was pretty much a three-hour odyssey of several crowded buses and trains.

          3. I was by the site over the weekend and was surprised to see two giant "Michael's Craft Store" signs on the building I thought was to be Trader Joe's. What a disappointment. Anyone have any info on this?

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              1. re: Salsiccia Creature

                I think this may have been posted on another thread, but today when I drove by the site there was a big Trader Joe's sign, saying "coming soon". Yay!

                The store looked empty with those soapy windows at this point.

                1. re: ericalloyd

                  Then why the heck can't they bother to list the store on their site as "coming soon" or answer my e-mail inquiries? Does anyone have an idea how long after a place hires it usually opens?

                  1. re: Shayna Madel

                    Maybe they updated the site over the weekend, but they do have the Queens store listed as "Coming Soon"

                    1. re: squirrelly_wrath

                      They did the update today, I think, as I checked yesterday. As of yesterday, they only had 3 or 4 coming soon, and now look. I wish they would say when, either on the site, or in one of those local rags they give away at the banks in the neighborhood.

                      1. re: Shayna Madel

                        I am so excited that the Queens store is finally on the website--someone noted here or in another thread that they don't acknowledge an opening until it is absolutely certain. I can't wait to stop driving to Scarsdale!!

                        1. re: kenito799

                          Ken--just curious as to why you drive to the Scarsale TJ instead of the Plainview one? I'm in Forest Hills and I do Fairway and TJ in one swoop. (Fairway is also in Plainview on Manetto Hill Road).

                          It takes about 25 mins to TJ in Plainview

                          1. re: Afikoman

                            Yes of course. I work in the Bronx exactly halfway between home and Scarsdale, so that one works for me...traffic is a lot better than LI. I'm only a mile away from the new one. I can even go more than once a month now!

                            If I go to Fairway I usually go to Red Hook and have lunch at the ballfields first.

                            BTW my other favorite supermarket is Gold City on Kissena Blvd in Flushing (a mile or so north of the LIE)...especially the meat and seafood...check it out some time!

                2. I was at the Plainview store yesterday and asked an employee there about the opening date. She said they are shooting for sometime in November.

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                    1. re: SuzyP

                      I'm curious as to your source, as when I e-mailed them about a week ago, they responded that they did not have a date set yet and their site still does not reflect an opening date.

                      1. re: SuzyP

               is reporting an opening of October 28th or 29th. I sure hope they're right, and not the above poster. I can't imagine why they would have to wait until Nov 26th, the store looks ready to open from the outside. Why would they stock the shelves with food that would just sit there for a month?

                        1. re: evets

                          I stopped by this morning...they have a sign posted "Grand Opening October 26th" - next Friday. Can't wait!

                          1. re: evets

                            I almost drove by there today, but got very lazy. And of course that's STILL not posted on their site. Wonder if there's a "soft" opening a few days before...
                            Hmmm, is that my Friday night date? And is that sad, or a good thing?