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Best Pies in NZ

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I am looking for a great meat pie while in NZ. Fancy pies would be nice, but what I really want is a good mince or steak pie. So far I have heard that Ponsonby Pies is worth a go. I welcome all recommendations as we will be all over both Islands. Thanks!

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  1. Ponsonby Pies are great!! I miss those pies!

    1. there's a great place in Nelson called My Pies...it's a small place, off a side street but if you ask anyone in Nelson they can tell you where to go. They have daily specials, which change, but the good ones sell out early so don't wait too late! I'm a vegetarian and it's the only vegetarian pie I found in New Zealand that was enjoyable - blue cheese and kumara - yum!

      1. http://wellingtonista.com/days-of-our...

        The above blog link has a good string on Wellignton's best pie purveyors. There are several Trisha's Pies outlets in the city and suburbs, with the original shop along The Parade in Island Bay. This is the place to find a genuine, delicious Kiwi steak and cheese pie.

        1. If you happen to be driving in the South Island, there are very excellent pies to be gad at the general store in Palmerston (about 40 minuted north of Dunedin). Marlow Pies, also available throughout the South Island (based in Dunedin) are also quite good.

          1. HI there
            Check out Coro Pies in the village of Coromandel - smoked fish ones are to die for - really good - cant say about other flavours as I just had to stick to smoked fish (pie shop around the corner from fish smoking place) yummmmm!

            1. Sadly Ponsonby Pies is no longer with us! I didn't believe it myself until I saw it with my own eyes when we were back in Auckland in Feb.

              To be honest, I had the hardest time finding any decent Steak and Cheese pies this time we were back in NZ and we found most of the bakeries were now Asian run.

              1. Ponsonby Pies now only available at the supermarket. A shame. You simply must try the pies at The Fridge, which is a deli / cafe in Kingsland, a grungy wee suburb on the city fringe. Really good fresh ingredients and excellent pastry.

                1. This is an old thread, but I thought I'd add a fantastic pie place that we have been frequenting while staying here in Te Anau on the South Island.

                  Miles Better Pies is located on the main street running through Te Anau, close to the Lake Te Anau end. The pies are great! So far we have sampled the lamb with mint, steak with mushroom and bacon, and the venison. In fact, I have had two venison pies already as they are so rich and delicious, plus I'm not sure if I'll ever find them again.

                  Also the pasties are exactly what you wish a pasty to be - thick delicious pastry, fresh veggies inside, all held together by good gravy. Sure beats the pasties I used to pick up at the Cornish pasty place in Paddington Station!

                  All perfect washed down with a bottle of ginger beer!

                  1. I'm an American expat and I live in Mt Albert, Auckland. We are lucky in this part of town to have Muzza's Pies handy. It's a fabulous pie shop open every day except Sunday, and they sell out FAST. The steak pies are the best I've ever tried - no gristle, no fat, no jelly, just chunks of steak in a rich gravy. Do not go past this place.

                    Muzza's Pies
                    55 Richardson Road
                    Owairaka (Mt Albert)