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Jan 26, 2007 02:24 PM

I have discovered the wonders of Wang's Dumplings

Now I'm new to the dumpling game. I've only had the pork & green beans and love them. My question is, is there more than one way to enjoy them? Is steamed dipped in ginger sauce the best?

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  1. honey, everything tastes delicious fried.

    1. Boiled or steamed are the classic preps. I dip mine in black vinegar from Chin Kiang but Shanxi vinegar makes for a good (a slightly more potent) alternative.

      You can also use a combination of panfrying/steaming them to make potstickers.

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      1. re: limster

        Yeah both fried/steamed is tasty -- you can fry them in a pan, with a little sesame or other oil so they brown a bit and then throw in a handful of water and put a pot lid on it until the water steams off. Ponzu is kind of yummy for dumplings too.
        I've only eaten Wang's dumplings at the resto -- now I want some and wish I'd brought some home to my freezer. :)

      2. Mulan also has several combinations of dumplings. I've only tried the veggie ones, but I love 'em. They come steamed with a black vinegar sauce. But, you can also buy 50 frozen dumplings for around $10 if my memory serves me.

        1. How do they compare to those at Qingdao Garden on Mass Ave in Cambridge? I love their dumplings and you can get them frozen to go...

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          1. re: Sgt Snackers

            I think the ones at Wang's are better than those at Qingdoa, but it's only a slight different. I like the thinness of the wrapper at Wang's, but the fillings are essentially identical.

          2. Never tried the ones at Qingdao Garden. I work literally across the street from Mulan, so it's my go-to place. Where is Qingdao's Garden?

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            1. re: veggiegirl

              On Mass Ave in North Cambridge - about 1/2 mile from Arlington.

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                Qingdao Garden is on 2382 Mass Ave., and I can vouch for the goodness of their dumplings.