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Jan 26, 2007 02:07 PM

Question about Blue Hill @ stone farm

I'm dying to try this place but I'm currently 4.5 months pregnant. I was just curious if my boundless appetite would savor a meal there OR if I should wait until after the baby is born seeing as how I can't have wine and must avoid certain foods (caviar, certain fishes, rare meats)? What do you all think?

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  1. Sorry but I'd wait if I were you. For one thing they offer to pair wine with your meal, so you'd miss out on that. Also they have amazing fresh & unique cocktails. The proportions are small, however there are many courses & you will probably leave full. If you are ravenous & want to dive in you might find the multi-course thing frustrating. Lastly, their grounds are beautiful so I would save my first time for better weather. You can even have a cocktail outside when the weather is nice.

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    1. Wait. The blood orange margarita with fresh ginger, ginger sugar rim and a slice of dried blood orange was a highlight of the meal. I did resent being told the chef preferred us to order the most expensive tasting menu. The service is chillingly efficient.

      1. Nooooo, realslowfood, he did NOT. Oh how funny. Gee, I really miss not ever going there the rest of my life. Not.

        1. The Chef/Owner of Blue Hill certainly has an air of arrogance about him. Is he trying to knock Todd English of the pedestal for most pompous ?