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Jan 26, 2007 01:59 PM

Dinner Saturday Night in Freehold, Asbury Park, Belmar

Hey All - I'm seeing a friend tomorrow night (Saturday) for dinner who lives in Jackson. I'm looking for any rec's for a good restaurant with ambience that's located in Freehold, Asbury Park, Belmar. Really any place in the area that will make for a comfortable /Romantic evening without going for my lungs:) (100 to 125 range is good) Oh and it would be great if it were near a major road...don't want to have to have to start searching if I run late and need to find a hotel for the night. Thanks in advance

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  1. Belmar - Brandl

    Asbury Park - Bistro Ole

    Asbury Park - Moonstruck Lounge

    The first two have no liquor license (though Brandl can sell NJ wine), and both are awesome. I recommend Bistro Ole. You will have to wait, so kick your heels two blocks away at Moonstruck's Lounge.

    If you must eat in Freehold, there's a great Mexican eatery, El Meson.

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      Moonstruck is nice, but a little frustrating. No reservations allowed - a good two hour wait on a Saturday night. I rather like Brickwall on Cookman. Just opened this summer, the food is good - an eclectic menu and reasonable prices. Avoid Market in the Middle. Overpriced with poor service. Good food at the Harrison as well, but it seems a bit pricey too - although they have a sausage dish which is incredible.

    2. Thanks for the response A. But it seems the destination has already been picked out for me:) Metro cafe in Freehold. I read the reviews in Zagat's and it seems like it will do for what I'm looking ofr. Thanks again. I'll keep El Meson in mind for the future. Chas

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        Chas, I was going to sugget the Metropolitan Cafe. It is a lot of fun. They have a small lounge are, too. (Pick up city ..ha! ha!) Definately the most fun place in Freehold for a Sat. night.

        El Meson is fun, too, but it is BYOB and sometimes more family oriented.

        We usually order mainly appetizers when we are there and just share them. (I like the platter for 2, it is a sample of everything!)

        Have fun!

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          Hey Angelina - Thanks for the post.... Its good to know from a second source that it's a nice place. And I'll be sure to keep your tip in mind about the apps. Pick up place huh? Well she picked it...if things dont go so well....I'll at least be in the right place to turn the night around... LOL!!!!! (Just Kidding) Ahhh let me be positive. Thanks again for the input. Chas

      2. Hey, tell us about your night! Did you like the place? Did you pick up anyone else...hee heee :)

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          LOL!!! Hey Ang - Just now read your post. The place itself was alright. I wasn't impressed. If you are in Freehold already then I'd recommend it. My friend wanted the calamari and shrimp in a sweet/spicy sauce for an app.Great presemtation as it was served in a plate with an open and laying on it's side chinese take out container. Giving the appearance of the shrimp calamari spilling out onto the plate. It was OK. But no spice at all (unless you consider a sprinkling of coarse ground black pepper spicy:) And the sauce reminded me a the very sweet sauce that you get with orange chicken or beef. Very close to cloying. Lobster quesedilla was tasteless except for the brie.The fish entree was fresh but slightly overcooked but at least it was fresh. Oh gee what am I saying ... The food was mediocre. LOL!!!! And you were right WHAT A PICK UP JOINT!!!!!! I felt like a porterhouse steak in front of a pack of starving dogs.My new friend was OK (very pretty for a 50 something!!!!) But superficial to the point of nauseating :) Then again maybe it was the food..... LOL!!!! Ahhh what can you do. It was a pleasant enough evening. At least I had a night out in the 'burbs.

          1. re: Chas

            Sounds like you had a good time despite the food Chas! I have very fond memories of this place. Went there a lot with an old friend and old girlfriend. The food's not AMAZING, but I do like the fact that most of their menu items are pretty unique.