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Jan 26, 2007 01:18 PM

Anti-inflammatory foods - what to make?

My doctor wants me to eat a variety of anti-inflammatory foods because of some muscle/back issues I am having. I've done some research and it looks like I need to stay away from processed starches, even whole grain bread, and red meat and dairy. I'm a pretty good cook so I see this as a fun challenge.

I'm supposed to eat lots of cold water fish, blueberries, strawberries, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, etc. Is anyone already doing an anti-inflammatory diet? I would love some meal ideas or food suggestions and recipes if you have them.


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  1. sour cherry juice is supposed to help. I don't know if it really does or not, but it tastes lovely. Make sure it's SOUR cherry juice, not the more readily available black cherry juice

    I use this as license to eat the sour cherries that come bottled from the German delis too.

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      Black cherry juice and give up coffee and decaf. The coffee bean has an acid in it that attacks your joints.

    2. Drink green tea and get a book by Dr. Mark Hyman from the library--either Ultra prevention or ultra metabolism. Both deal with inflamation and what foods to choose, etc.

      After reading, you may find you want to make permanent changes.

      1. the website lists the i.f. factor of over 40,000 different foods, including fast food and prepared foods. it's got a wealth of other data too.

        i usually am just cooking for one, which often means raw salads or quick sautees. i love a little canned san marzano tomato with lentils, broccoli, lots of garlic and rosemary and watercress. quick ginger garlic broth with spinach or napa cabbage, and either tofu or poached egg. tiny pink lentils over bulgur, with mint and parsley. black beans with cilantro, barley and plain soy yogurt. tinned salmon, mackerel or smoked eel are delicious over bitter greens with a mustardy dressing. i also like them sauteed with eggs or tofu. buckwheat noodles with edamame and arugula, finished with a little sesame oil. salmon or bluefish glazed with mustard, over corn and brown rice.

        for breakfast every day have a bowl of mixed berries or whizz them into a soy yogurt smoothie, and you're off to a great start.

        1. Some say the nightshade vegetables contribute to inflammation. These include tomatos, potatos, peppers and eggplant.

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            i've heard that too. but i use the equivalent of 2 plum tomatoes in a skillet that's got about 6 cups of veggies in it.

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              Yes, nightshade vegetables gave me trouble when I went through a spell of autoimmune trouble some years back. I also was instructed to ingest as much fresh ginger as I could get - the local pharmacist got me ginger capsules. I preferred using gingerroot in food, though, and I do believe it helped.

              Good luck, and watch your tummy if you're taking any NSAIDs - always on a very full stomach. I took mine with heavy cream, and had no trouble.

            2. Steel-cut oats are really good with just salt and pepper and a little Molly McButter - I like to add a bit of milk, but if you can't have that don't. Alternatively you could stir in some fruit and a small squirt of honey.

              I don't have a wonky back, but I am subject to gout, so I'm glad to see all the other recs you've been getting.