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Jan 26, 2007 12:53 PM


Me and my friends do a steak dinner with about 8 people every 3/4 months and are trying to decide on the next place to go.

We've already done Lugars, Strip House, BLT Steak, Wolfgangs, Ben and Jacks, Knickerbockers, and Sparks.

We were considering STK but have heard terrible reviews so wanted to see what other people thought would be a good next additition..

Them having bacon on the menu is a big plus for this group.

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    1. I second Keens!!!
      also earlier today (or was it yesterday?) There was a lot of discussion about The Knickerbocker (although i dont think they serve the bacon)...its delicious!
      also, the bacon at Wolfgangs is a amazing.....

      1. My favorites for a big group for steak are BLT Prime, Luger's and Sparks.

        STK is not good. It's ok but not worth going with all the other amazing steakhouses out there.

        I hear Wolfgang's is really good but never have been.

        1. If you think you may want to mix it up with a brazilian-style steakhouse, Churrascaria Plataforma in midtown west is perfect for big groups. It's all-you-can-eat of pretty much every meat you can imagine, plus a great appetizer bar.

          1. I had a large family dinner at Blair and Perrone a few months back and enjoyed it. It is a large place and can easily accomodate large parties. I think the owners came from Mark Joseph and Lugers (but it seems everyone these days came from Lugers). They have the bacon. I would not put it in the category of Strip House but it has a nice porterhouse. One other option is Dylan Prime. It is a large space with a younger vibe in Tribeca. The nice plus to Dylan is the attached lounge for drinks after dinner. A lot of fun.