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Jan 26, 2007 12:34 PM

Is Ametller (sp?) still open?

Does anyone know if this little joint on Christopher Street is still open? Eater.com says it's closed, a friend in 'hood says it's not. It is too cold to wander around aimlessly this evening so any input would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Yes, they're still open- just walked by there. I don't know why eater deduced they've closed down just cause they were closed one particular day. Has it improved? I gave it so many chances in the beginning , but grew tired of the incompetent service and overall inconsistency. We took to calling it "Amateur!" With that said, i'd be happy to give it another whirl if it's improved. Let me know.

    1. Two days ago there was a sign saying it had been closed by the landlord. Yesterday I saw people standing inside but not doing business so it's not clear.

      1. I hope it stays open. Despite any service issues (bad but sweet), they had the best croque monsieur!

        1. There were people inside eating when I passed by yesterday afternoon.

          1. They once closed for a day when they had an unexpected rush the evening before and ran out of food to serve (but they still made me a coffee to go)
            call them and ask? 212 989 0701