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Jan 26, 2007 12:33 PM

Good place in Berkeley area w/out kids

Okay, so we have a rare treat--dinner without kids and a movie. Looking for a good place to eat, not necessarily an expensive or dressy place, just looking for a meal that won't disappoint. What's your favorite place to eat in Berkeley/Albany area?

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  1. Oliveto or Pizzaiolo.

    Though lots of people take their kids to Pizzaiolo, especially earlier in the evening.

    1. For fun spots in your neck of the woods, I like Fonda on Solano for small plates or Sea Salt on San Pablo near Dwight. I haven't been to Eccolo but it has been getting pretty good reviews. Have a great time!

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        Eccolo's similar to Oliveto in style and price, but not as polished.

      2. We go to Ajanta on Solano once or twice a month. Great indian food, warm service, and a cozy atmosphere.

        1. Fonda is really noisy and that, paradoxically, often leads to an intimate atmosphere by causing you to lean close to your dining partner. Plus, if you get there early, there are some tables that are very small and cozy. Sharing the small plates lends to even more intimacy. Same thing goes for Vanessa's.

          6 Degrees is very pleasant and more traditional and the lamb chops are wonderful. Nice service, too.

          1. My favorite combo is a movie at the Piedmont and then walk to Dopo.