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Jan 26, 2007 12:27 PM

What's Up With Bootsies??

My goodness. First, they opened up as an overpriced hamburger and sausage joint. Price wise they could not compete with Five Guys and and their prices, Loie served a much better hamburger with better ambience. That failed completely. Now it is a full service resturant with higher prices then Matyson which is right across the street. I give them until March 1st to close up forever.

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  1. I'd like to see a good sandwich place in there. Good steaks, hoagies, pork, etc...Too high of rent I guess. Rittenhouse needs a bone in terms of sandwiches.

    1. I went to Bootsie's recently for lunch. No specials. two apps., two lunch portion entrees, two soft beverages, one dessert. $60. pre-gratuity.

      On price alone I am not motivated to go back.

      I'll let a more established member do an actual food review.

      The house white was a Modavi Pinot Grigio that sells for $9 a bottle at the liquor store.

      1. I'm going there on Friday for lunch. I'll give a review on the meal. The gourmet hamburger thing didn't seem to work.

        1. This place will never last again in this location.
          Had lunch since the redo
          Bad Food
          Bad Space
          Bad Price point

          1. Bootsies sucks.....
            Thier valentines dish is

            Shrimp stuffed with duck confit, wrapped in proscuitto and finished with pistachio oil and espresso.