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Jan 26, 2007 12:20 PM

Looking for the best indian food in Irving

Hi friends !

I moved to DFW recently from Virginia and am living on N MacArthur Blvd in Irving. I have seen a few Indian restaurant names like Ourplace, Indya Fusion, Mayuri and Masala etc arounnd this area. I would like to request for your recommendations before I try them out with my office colloegues and clients. can you please help me ?


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  1. I've heard really good things about Mayuri from my gudjurati friends, but haven't been myself.

    1. I would rate Pasand better than Mayuri personally.

      1. I've done Mayuri and Masala. Masala is good for quick Indian. Its kind of like an Indian version of Pei Wei. Mayuri is pretty decent. But we didn't go very often when I worked there. Our two main places were Tabla for lunch buffet and Curry's for takeout. Tabla was a nice white tablecloth place. We usually got in and out of there pretty quick. Nice selection on the buffet. Curry's is a hole in the wall and they don't have a huge menu or even much of a menu, but it was dirt cheap and good. If you ask nicely what something is, they are very friendly about explaining.

        1. Have been to Pasand on many occasions, it's my favorite in the area. Their Naan is the best (by far) that I've had in the Dallas area. Have heard good reports on Mayuri, particularly their lamb curry, but have not experienced it myself.

          1. We went to Mayuri a week ago. The short review is here (towards the bottom):

            Decent food, friendly service, nice atmosphere.