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Looking for the best indian food in Irving

Hi friends !

I moved to DFW recently from Virginia and am living on N MacArthur Blvd in Irving. I have seen a few Indian restaurant names like Ourplace, Indya Fusion, Mayuri and Masala etc arounnd this area. I would like to request for your recommendations before I try them out with my office colloegues and clients. can you please help me ?


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  1. I've heard really good things about Mayuri from my gudjurati friends, but haven't been myself.

    1. I would rate Pasand better than Mayuri personally. http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?...

      1. I've done Mayuri and Masala. Masala is good for quick Indian. Its kind of like an Indian version of Pei Wei. Mayuri is pretty decent. But we didn't go very often when I worked there. Our two main places were Tabla for lunch buffet and Curry's for takeout. Tabla was a nice white tablecloth place. We usually got in and out of there pretty quick. Nice selection on the buffet. Curry's is a hole in the wall and they don't have a huge menu or even much of a menu, but it was dirt cheap and good. If you ask nicely what something is, they are very friendly about explaining.

        1. Have been to Pasand on many occasions, it's my favorite in the area. Their Naan is the best (by far) that I've had in the Dallas area. Have heard good reports on Mayuri, particularly their lamb curry, but have not experienced it myself.

          1. We went to Mayuri a week ago. The short review is here (towards the bottom): http://www.chowhound.com/topics/342164

            Decent food, friendly service, nice atmosphere.

            1. We moved from CA 1.5 year ago. We've been to about 20 Indian restaurants in DFW. Our most favorite is Mayuri and we like it better than Pasand (which is a lot closer to us). Our favorite dishes are lamb koma and chicken tikka masala and in my opnion, Our Place has the best lamb koma in DFW (their deep fried appetizers suck).

              We also tumbled into a hole-in-the-wall place called Bhemas (because of Entertainment Book) on N. Story Rd. in Irving. It doesn't even look like a restaurant and scary looking. We almost didn't go in, but we were too hungry to look for another restaurant. The food turned out pretty good. I think it's more authentic, very spicy. Their menu is very small and lots of words on the menu are misspelled.

              1. Our Place has a good variety for an office Indian buffet lunch, good quality and clean environment. Need to try the Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan, it is good.

                As for Masala WOk, it is what my Indian friends call Indian Chinese food. Definitely try the Lamb/Shrimp Bryanni, nice kick if you like the spicier stuff. They just had one open in Houston too.

                1. Well, thanks for all your inputs !
                  I tried to locate this place mentioned as "tabla' in one post above and landed at a restaurant named "indyaFusion' on macArthur. I was really surprised at the quality of the food and the ambience inside the restaurant. I was there for a lunch buffet and the items were delicious. It has a very good blend of North Indian and south Indian dishes. Spice levels were appropriate for every item in the buff table. A nice looking place. And the best part was they were screening cricket on one plasma and Indian filmy entertainment on other two. It was nice to see cricket after a long time. I should mention their restrooms specially. They were upscale and elegant. I should try this restaurant again for dinner and check if they will maintain the same consistency.

                  1. Yeah..I heard these guys are rocking ! I had been there couple of times bith for Lunch buffet n Dinner. It looks like a casual and 'hip' place during lunch and transforms into an intimate dining place in the night. Food is definitely above par anybody in DFW. I was going to Ourplace and Mayuri for a long time and they pale infront of this new restaurant. As you said, it just needs to be seen for how long these guys will be consistent. I tried Chicken Tikka Masala here in buffet and the gravy was so thick and tasty unlike i Ourplace or elsewhere. I liked the concpt of bringging the Dosa onto the table on weekends during lunch buffet. It's a different taste enjoying a hot dosa right off the pan than picking it up from the buffet table. One day I was there for lunch buffet, they surprised me with a dish "country chicken fry". I enquired with them what that is and when they explained , I couldn't withhold myself from appreciating their efforts and zeal to serve diferent items. They indeed brought live country chicken (backyard-non-farm chicken) and prepared this chicken fry which is supposed to be spicer and tastier. The management explained me that this is their signature dish and is served only on weekends and no Indian restaurant in DFW serves it. if you are into trying spicy pickles from the southern part of India, try their colelction of spicy pickles.That's a huge list !

                    1. I'd like to recommend one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants that keeps me coming back for more, despite the fact that I don't eat out much any more now that I've gone almost strictly organic.

                      Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin is a quaint little restaurant in a strip mall on the corner of N. MacArthur Blvd and Valley Ranch Pkwy South in Valley Ranch (just north of Las Colinas; i.e. N. MacArthur Blvd. & Hwy I-635).

                      Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin specializes in authentic home-style South Indian cuisine. The emphasis is on "home-style" cooking. Their biryanis are their specialty.

                      Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin is very "mom-and-pop" in style despite its size. Nothing fancy. There's no frills; just great-tasting food, friendly counter-service, and very generous portions that easily feed 2 for less than what their fancier competitors charge to just feed one.

                      This is better than just decent South Indian food. I'm sure all of the Indian families and bachelors who regularly frequent the joint will say the same.

                      I'm amazed that Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin hasn't received any "official" reviews by any of the local food critics. Fortunately, the majority of the local and visiting amateur foodies happily share their 4 & 5 star reviews online.

                      I've always believed in supporting worthy so called neighborhood "dives", "holes-in-the-walls", and "mom-and-pop" establishments. It's good for the business, the neighborhood, and the economy. And, in this economy, any business that offers its community quality service at unbeatable prices needs all the publicity and support it can get.

                      So if you want the biggest, and tastiest, bang for the buck, pay Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin a visit.

                      Spice 'N' Rice Indian Tiffin
                      8600 N MacArthur Blvd #144, Irving, TX 75063