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Downtown Chocolate Tour

I'm planning a little chocolate outing for this Sunday. We'll hit Jacques Torres, Kee's, Lilac, maybe Chocolate Bar. Is there anything I'm missing?

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  1. 2 other chocolate shops I can think of in the area are MarieBelle and Vosges. I don't enjoy them as much as the ones on your list so far.

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      While I dont enjoy MarieBelle's chocolates as much as the other places, their hot chocolate is delish and they have a fun space to drink it in.

    2. Vosges chocolates 132 spring st.

      1. Vosges in soho has creative, interesting truffles, as well as flavored bars for more chocolate for your $$. You'll want to stop there for one of their delicious hot chocolates - there's even a place to sit. When I was there, they were serving a plain hot chocolate, as well as one with red chile.... a very thick, intense, chocolatey treat. I wouldn't send you there for just the truffles, but since you're doing a chocolate tour on a cold day, these drinks are probably worth the trip.

        1. Not sure when it's open, but Christopher Norman chocolates are made downtown and are excellent. It's on New St.,eastside of New St, which is between Broadway and Broad St., and between Exchange Place and Beaver St. It's kind of across from Sophies Cuban.

          See: http://www.christophernormanchocolate...

          1. I totally agree with Vosges!! They have some chocolate bars with what sounds like strang combinations that are amazing! Two of my favorites are Mexican ancho and chipotle chili peppers + Ceylon cinnamon + dark, and kalamata olives + Venezuelan white chocolate! The brownies are good, too!

            1. Make sure you hit Kees early - once she runs out for the day, I don't think she makes more. She is my absolute favorite.

              1. Try Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man on Broadway just south of Union Square I believe. Great hot chocolate...

                1. Absolutely agree re Max Brenner...though the hot chocolate at City Bakery is still the best beyond words...

                  1. Black Hound...wonderful truffles, esp the grand marnier...2nd Ave near 10th St...