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Jan 26, 2007 12:17 PM

mu mu in federal hill

hey guys my wife was at the hair salon yesterday and heard two people talking about this great asian place with awesome crispy beef.well of course we had to go try the place out and i gotta tell you the place was better then expected its funny going to a chinese place surrounded by italian hot spots but its pretty easy passing them by once you try their hot and sour soup and the dumplings were great too and green tea fried rice with crispy bacon , it was out of control, great!oh yeah the crispy beef is great too.hurray for eavesdropping!!! i cant wait for her next appointment!Happy eating Cheers

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  1. how much per person? Vegeterian options (not for myself but for friend). Drinking options? Thanks.

    1. the bill was maybe $40 for the two of us. we split a soup.2 kinds of dumplings(dont miss the dumplings)the fried rice and crispy beef.wifey had a drink and i had 2 beers. im sure they have veggy options they were really nice , yeah full bar