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Jan 26, 2007 12:15 PM

New Mexican on the Danforth (Soon)

Plaza Garibaldi closed a few months ago, with little fanfare, and the place has been boarded up ever since. However I walked by the other day and there is now a small sign for "La Companas", opening soon. Anyone know anything about it? Same owners as Garibaldi?

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  1. I saw that sign too, when we drove by it yesterday. I wasn't aware at all that Garibaldi (and the Cuban place next door!) had closed, but I'm a little eager to see what's coming up.

    1. Me too. I didn't mind Garibaldi, though it NEVER came up in discussions of Mexican food in Toronto. Always overshadowed by El Sol and the like. They had a steak tampiquena that I rather enjoyed (with a tomatilla sauce). And with all of the hot debate on this board about the lack of decent Mexican food in Toronto, I am VERY curious as to what La Compana (note that the "n" has a tilda over it), might be like.

      The Cuban place died a slow death once the original Cuban owner sold the place a few years ago to a non-cuban. I visited the place ONCE ofter this and while the menu didn't change, the new owner was overbearing and kept insisting we order specific dishes. it was beyond irritating and I did not feel sorry for her when the place closed about 1.5 years ago.

      1. I never minded Garibaldi either. Back when we lived in walking distance, we would go for dinner once in a while and my daughter (who was around 3-4 years old at that time) just loved the trio that would walk around from table to table, singing and playing their instruments. Their food wasn't outstanding, but it was okay for a Mexican fix. I hope this new place turns out good.

        1. Does anyone know why Plaza Garibaldi closeD?

          1. Hope springs eternal with the prospect a new Mexican joint! Very curious to see what's on offer.