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Jan 26, 2007 12:08 PM

Chinese Duck


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  1. I go to Ranch 99 to get my fish and while I'm there I wander around and have a look at all the interesting items. In the back are hanging ducks, I presumed smoked. They look like they have been shellaced. I've also seen them hanging in windows of restaurants in Chinatown. How do you serve those? Do you have them with rice, lettuce or? And do you heat them up? Would they be good for an appetizer at a party. Sure would get the conversation going.


    1. I call them barbequed but I'm not 100% sure that;s correct. You can ask the counter person to chop them up for you and you get nice evenly sized hunks (with bone) that you can dip in hoisin sauce. I think it would be a good thing with drinks.
      What I used to do is buy a half duck and take it off the bone and make a red Thai curry with that and bamboo shoots. Very rich, but tasty with rice and a green stir fry (or vinegary cucumber) on the side.