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Jan 26, 2007 11:45 AM

Catering for a crowd

Every spring, some friends and I cater a party for a charitable organization of about 75 people. In the past, we've done a paella, cochinita pibil and a Texas barbecue. We have access to a huge offset firebox smoker which can double as an oven, a 5 foot paella pan and assorted propane burners and cookware. Any suggestions for this year's event? It has to be something that can be done outside and in one day's time.

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  1. Not sure what area you live in...But what about a crab boil or huge seafood fest...Just a thought...OBX

    1. A few big curries served with rice. The curries are forgiving in terms of timing; each curry can be made in batches of differing heat. You can include vegetarian.

      1. How about a cook off.....Chilis, Chowders, with a bake off for dessert.