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Jan 26, 2007 11:38 AM

Dallas under $5

I saw this thread under a couple other regional boards and realized I don't have many good ideas. A lower-end hot dog at Big D's runs $3.50. Tin Star's cheeseburger tacos might qualify (can't remember how much they are). This probably explains my monthly credit card balance.

Anyone have any good suggestions?

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  1. Tio's Tortas are $3.99 for the small and it comes with their curly fries.

    1. Actually almost any taqueria has tacos for $1.25 a piece. Two tacos are lunch.

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        Any suggestions for a particular taqueria though? I saw the thread about Fuel City. . .

      2. What part of town?

        My personal current favorite is on 15th just East of 75 in Plano on the South side of the street. I belive it's called EL Pedrio or something similiar.

        There is of course also the "mini chain" La Palamo that has several locations both up north and in Dallas.

        There are all kinds of places around Josey and Valley View Lane ranging from the basic taqueria to places that you can have a couple of tacos and some chips for less than $5.

        I personally think the best taqueria within running distance of DFW is in Terrell a place call Dos Aces near old downtown, I believe they also have a place in either Grand Prarie or Arlington.

        You can find many of the same kind of places near downtown on Ross, or around Maple and Wycliff.

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          I live in Uptown, but regularly run around in East Dallas, Richardson, and Plano.

          Anything in the Maple/Ross/Wycliff neighborhood would be great.

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            There is a meatmarket on the corner of Maple and Lucas. There is taqueria inside. They have the best tacos Al Pastor; their beef fajita tacos are ok. I think they are $1.25 each. You get the grilled onions and jalapeno on the side. Make sure you ask for the green and red sauce to put on your tacos. Their orchata (sweet rice drink) is also one of the best I've tasted.

        2. It's so hard to find anything around DFW under $5 that is good. I hope that there's something good around Plano or Richardson!

          1. Oops forgot one more suggestion if you want variety Buffalo Wild Wings has boneless wing Thurday .50 per wing min 5 wings. We do lunch there on a regular basis and have 5 wings and a side salad with water, or a soft drink (they almost always forget to charge us for the drinks) all for $4.23 + tip.

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              I can't believe I didn't even think to mention BW3 considering I go practically every weds night for 50 cent legs :) I like that deal much more than their .35 wings or the boneless thursday deal.

              There's also Popeye's tuesday special, where you get a leg and a thigh for .89.

              1. re: air

                BW3 no longer has the 50 cent leg special on wednesday. Tuesday's wing special price has gone up to 50 cents per leg.

                This would also be for the Plano location, anyone know about the Addison one?