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Jan 26, 2007 11:14 AM

Orange County Restaurants?

I was recommended 3 restaurants to take my gf out for her birthday. Do any of you have coomments or recommendations to which ones are better? or if there are better resturants around the orange county area? Looking for good food of course, but with a nice romantic and quiet setting.

Sevens Steakhouse (Tustin)
Bayside Restaurant (Newport Beach)
Sage on the Coast (Newport Beach)

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  1. Out of the 3 I think Bayside is the best. Especially love their 3 course brunch on Sundays. Other options would be Tommy Bahamas, Bluefin, Mastro's Seafood.

    1. I like Sage but prefer their Eastbluff location. For romantic settings, I'd suggest:
      21 Oceanfront (Newport Beach)
      Basilic (Balboa Island)
      The Ritz (Newport Beach)
      Antonello (Santa Ana)

      1. I second Bluefin. Get the omakase dinner ($75) or lunch ($35). That's where I'd want to be taken on my birthday dinner...oh wait! That *WAS* where I was taken for my birthday dinner!!!

        Read about it and see pictures here:

        1. Wild Rabbit in Costa Mesa has a nice quiet and romantic setting, along with excellent food.
          Haven't been to SevenS, Bayside, or Sage yet.

          1. Sevens isn't so romantic (from this girls' pov)... or all that interesting or reliable.
            Sage (either one) is a better choice. They're both really yummy spots with no attitude.
            Bayside is always nice. Live jazz, too.
            Bluefin is best for sushi aficianados. Romantic doesn't come to mind for them.
            Mastro's Ocean Club is a neighbor of Bluefin's... very posh in a stylish way. But only is $$ is no object.
            Teensy Basilic is very intimate and perfect for a couple's special occasion. Bernard Alhaus's food is great, the service very gracious.