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Jan 26, 2007 11:12 AM

Brunch in Philadelphia

Can anybody recommend a brunch place in Philadelphia that's not too pricey?

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  1. I just had an excellent meal at Honey's in Northern Liberties. Sabrina's at 9th and Christian is always good. Go early to both of these places unless you want to wait (although Sabrina's lets you call ahead, I'm not sure if Honey's has that policy). Both of these places have exhaustive brunch something for everyone. I also enjoy Ants Pants at 22nd and South. Their menu is smaller, but everything I've had there has been good.

    1. Day by Day (at 21st and Sansom) does a really nice Sunday brunch and the prices are reasonable. I've never had anything for lunch or brunch there that I didn't enjoy.

      1. I had a nice brunch at Astral Plane at 17th and Lombard. The service was a little slow but maybe that is their idea of a leisurely meal.