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Jan 26, 2007 11:11 AM

Thai or other Veggie Friendly Options in Cambridge?

I'm reuniting with old college roommates and I'm wondering if there are any good thai restaurants in Cambridge that are consistently fresh, offer a comfortable setting and have a decent selection of wines (we'll be lingering for awhile). Alternately, if there are any other restaurants that are heavy on the vegetarian options (in Cambridge) I would be interested in hearing about those as well.


PS - If I am missing a previous thread, can someone direct me to it?

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  1. I think the best choice for vegetarians--and arguably the best Thai in Cambridge anyway--is the Similans near Kendall Square. Their vegetarian ham is delicious, and they label items that are OK for strict vegetarians. Also, the setting is nicer than most. I've never had wine there, but I'd predict they have a decent list, given the overall vibe.

    And a great non-Thai choice is right next door to the Similans. Helmand is an upscale but comfortable Afghan place that offers a wide variety of delicious vegetarian items at a reasonable price. The wine list is very good, at least on the lower end, and the prices are fabulous (I'm not sure there is even a 2x markup on some of the bottles).

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      I'll second the recommendation for the Similans. If you know your Thai food, or not afraid to order something that sounds unfamiliar, you can get some great authentic stuff there.

      I am always doubtful of Thai food as a vegetarian option, though. Fish sauce is a staple in Thai cooking and is nearly unavoidable, even in dishes that do not appear to have meat (e.g., a tofu pad thai or curry). I guess if the restaurant claims it is in fact vegetarian then they avoid those seasonings.

      1. re: Sgt Snackers

        Well, I remember vividly that that their curry list looks something like this: green curry, yellow curry, red curry, masaman curry, vegetarian curry. Each has a choice of meat including tofu and vegetarian ham. So I have to figure that the vegetarian curry is truly vegetarian and all the others aren't.

    2. If you eat fish, there's the East Coast Grill in Inman Square. There's lots of good Indian around, but probably not with wine. Koreana near Central Sq. has good Korean. I think Christophers in Porter Square has a lot of veggie options.

      1. Cafe Baraka in Central Sq has good vegetarian options; Algerian/Tunisian food.

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          Cafe Baraka is indeed wonderful but do note that they don't serve alcohol due to religious prohibition, so no wine list. BUt it does fit the bill for excellent food with many vegetarian options.

        2. second:
          -koreana (prospect st and broadway) for korean
          -tamarind bay (indian; lots of veggie options)
          -i agree that the similans is probably one of the better thai restaurants in cambridge but personally i don't think it's outstanding...

          1. Two ends of the spectrum:

            OM in Harvard Sq. for haute Tibetan food in sleek, hyper-stylized surroundings with the requisite fully stocked bar. Not exactly a lot of veggie selections on the regular menu, but I've heard that the kitchen is rather veggie friendly, so perhaps they could improvise a veggie tasting menu?

            Rangzen in Central Sq - not sure about the *decent wine list* (they do have a license) but they serve up hearty, winter weather, Tibetan, both veggie- and meat-based food in intimate, peaceful surroundings.

            This might be a useful thread to you:

            I don't find Koreana to be especially veggie friendly, particularly if you refrain from eating seafood.