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Jan 26, 2007 10:54 AM

Breakfast/brunch places around Golden Gate Park

My first post on Chowhound! Any recommendations on where to grab a bite to eat before a morning visit to the DeYoung?

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  1. Howard's - 70's funky old school American greasy spoon, old fashion breakfast, 9th Ave and Irving, inexpensive

    Park Chow - very nice brunch, 9th Ave and Lincoln, reasonable prices, good reviews

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      Second Park Chow. You only have to park once..if you are driving.
      I eat brunch there alot and think it's a pretty good value for the food. They also have fresh juices and mimosas.

      While another poster mentioned Velo Rouge, that's more of a cafe vs a restaurant.They do make good panini though.

    2. Beach Chalet (upstairs) or Park Chalet (down).

      1. Velo Rouge Cafe on the other side of the park, where parking will be easier if you are not taking MUNI. I know they have good coffee and they have a few breakfast items, I have not eaten there but I have heard the few things they make are good.


        I have eaten at most of the breakfast places around 9th and Irving and I would say that they are nothing special. I would also say a few lack cleanliness IMO.
        I would recommend Cafe Gratitude, vegetarian organic on 9th Ave. between Judah and Irving.

        1. If you want just a bite and not a full sit-down meal, you can pick up a pastry or roll and coffee at Arizmendi, a co-op bakery on 9th between Irving and Judah.