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Jan 26, 2007 10:25 AM

South Lake Tahoe

I'm returning to South Lake Tahoe for the weekend after many years away and would love some restaurant/take away/shack/stand/what have you recommendations.
I did a search, but most of what I came up with was a little dated.
Things we always do:
The Hut: always, always for a late breakfast. Don't remember if it's really good or not, but it is a tradition.

A lumpia place we found like, ten years ago. Anyone know of one? It was near the shop/casino area and was made up of a stand mostly, IIRC. Any good lumpia still in SLTahoe?

A really good taco/burrito place with good tacos al pastor. Again, forget the name/exact location, but we've gone each time we've headed up that way and it's always still been there. They have lots of seating for the size of the place, you order at the counter and there's tv screens with soccer games going on in every corner. Really good, seems authentic. This is on the way into town (coming from SF), and next door to another restaurant, IIRC. Not quite a strip mall, but not standing alone. Anyone?

We are always looking for good sushi for my friends little girl. What is currrently good up there?
Any other recs are greatly appreciated. I can't wait to revisit the snow and sit by the fire in our cabin.
Sorry to be so vague, it's truly been awhile!

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  1. I have always liked Izzy's Burger Spa (on Highway 50, north side), although it's been at least five years since I was last there.

    FYI, there's not a lot of snow at the moment...and none in the forecast, either. *sigh*

    1. Next time I have a chance I'm checking out Nikki's Chaat Cafe in South Lake Tahoe.

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        hey, if you ever feel like a Sunday drive up there and a mini-chowdown, we're in.....especially if the weather stays the way it is. Can't ski or snowshoe, might as well eat :-)

      2. We've now eaten twice at Sala Thai, a Thai place on the lake side of Hwy 50 about 3 miles east of the Y (in the stretch before you reach Rufus Allen Blvd./Inn at the Lake). It is very good Thai food - highly recommended.

        1. Thanks for these suggestions! Noone can recall the taco place, huh? I really hope it's still there.
          This may seem like a silly question for this time of the year, but are there any Farmer's Markets in South Lake Tahoe? Even a small one would be a lot of fun to check out.
          And here's praying for snow!

          1. I think you'll have snow.
            We were up there last year and had fish tacos in a place near the lifts to Heavenly. No TVs that I recall. Is that what you meant? Probably not. Decent tacos, though.