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Jan 26, 2007 10:15 AM

sexy sassy first date restaurant ideas please!

Looking for ideas for a double-first-date Saturday night please! Hoping for light-hearted fun ambiance, definitely with a little dash of romance, maybe mood lighting, plus divine food of course. Mid-range prices are okay, maybe Italian? Mediterranean? One of the group cannot eat spicy food. Someplace close to a cool dessert place/coffee shop for later would be ideal. Brookline or JP. Brookline - La Morra maybe? I've never been but I always hear raves or maybe Cafe D in JP.

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  1. It's not in Brookline or JP but I've always found Chez Henri (1 Shepard St., Cambridge) to be one of the best romantic restaurants in the area. The bar, if you can get a table, is a great deal since you can get the full menu plus the bar menu there. The Periodista is fabulous. The bar is small though and gets crowded but that could make for a great intimate date around a cozy table. The atmosphere in the bar is always festive but with hints of romance.

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      I agree, but would add that the Chez Henri dining room does not have nearly the same feel, which is unfortunate.

      Ten Tables in JP is romantic, but not terribly sassy. Food, service, and prices are fantastic, however. I'd recommend that over Cafe D for sure.

    2. Cafe D would be good as would the Alchemist and Zon's. Sweet Christopher's for dessert is in between them but I'm not sure how late they're open (and haven't eaten there yet). Junebug close to Zon's is open fairly late but haven't really had their pastries. La Morra is good. The bar at Lineage is nice (tho not so conducive to 4 people) and there's always Finale on Beacon St. Washington Sq. Tavern would be good too. Might be best just to eat dessert at the restaurant.

      1. What about Tangierino in Charlestown? Belly dancer, fun finger food, sitting on pillows, houka bar. Sounds like the perfect place for your situation.

        1. Cuchi-Cuchi over on Main St. Camb. is very different. Not the cheapest place around but you'd like it.

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            I would agree that Cuchi Cuchi should be perfect for what you are seeking.

            Ivy is not great for chow, but has that sexy vibe thing going.

            Same for Mantra, I suppose - does that even have food?

          2. What about Dali in Somerville? It seems to fit the atmosphere you are seeking.