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Jan 26, 2007 10:01 AM

Anyone been to La Spina in Davis Sq.?

Thought about going in to try it out but reluctant. So many restaurants failed in that spot and the competition is killer in the square.

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  1. I stopped in when they first opened to see the menu and chat. The woman who was at the front said that they were very excited to open, and that she loves that the chef uses "very little salt" in the food. She said, "it tastes like it has no salt!"

    I haven't tried it yet (and will at some point,) but that didn't bode too well for me.

    1. Is La Spina affiliated with the Rosebud? If so, that's another factor that doesn't bode well. . .

      1. I have eaten here about half a dozen times and have nothing but good things to say about this restaurant. They offer a vibrant selection of Neopolitan fare that rivals any North End haunt and a wonderful reserve wine list. The best part is that you don't break budget after a nice meal there. I highly recommend the antipasti and bistecca pizziola.

        and as a side mention, there is no affiliation with the Rosebud.

        1. I'll never go back to La Spina. The food was mediocre at best. I ordered a Del Monico steak that was full of gristle and overcooked (I wanted medium rare). When I sent in back as inedible, the waitress (who I felt sorry for) came back with the same steak and a message that the chef said it was medium rare and that the steak was fine. I told her I still didn't want it - it was inedible. Then they charged me for it anyway, saying I'd ordered it and it was cooked correctly. So much for service. Not only will I never go back, neither will my two companions. The above might explain why during peak dinner tijme on a Saturday night there were only three tables of patrons. Empty restaurants are usually empty for a reason.

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          1. we went the other night for the first time after being told that there would be an hour and a half wait at Sagra (which was essentially empty and the hostess was holding all of the tables for reservations...terrible idea, but that's for another post). La Spina was good. a little sad and empty, but I like to try new places that are trying to get off the ground. server was really friendly, attentive, laid back, gave good recommendations. i had the chicken and eggplant parm combo and my boyfriend had the seafood medley. i'd say it was nothing out of this world, but definitely decent. i'd go there over the north end just for convenience (unless, of course, i was craving Giacomo's). i think it was reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is pleasant. i'd go there over Sagra any day.