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Jan 26, 2007 09:49 AM

Best almond butter?

Does one brand stand out? Are there any excellent on-line sources?

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  1. I recently became hooked on Trader Joe's almond butter (not the raw kind, the one made with roasted almonds) and I absolutely love it.

    1. I just got the raw unsalted one from Trader Joes for the firstr time. Pretty good. I had never had almond butter before. Is the one with roasted almonds better?

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      1. re: Margo

        I haven't had the TJ's raw version but have had others and thought it was a little bland. But the roasted almond version I think has a nicer depth to it.

      2. One of the most delicious things I have ever eaten is the raw, organic almond butter from Maranatha (sp?). It is smooth, creamy, and oh so amazingly smooth in flavor. I spread it on everything and even top ice cream with it.


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        1. re: GK in SO

          I like the Maranatha "creamy and raw" as well. My understanding is you get more nutrients from the almonds when they have not been roasted also.

        2. have to agree that pretty much all Maranatha products rock the house. a slightly newer yet amazingly high quality product is ARTISANA as well. the price is unfortunately ridiculously high, but i suppose for tasting purposes if you splurge occasionally its OK. ive had the....pecan butter i think and it is delicious. i think all their products are raw but im not too sure.
          a note on raw vs. toasted nut butters: unless you are used to the raw ones, you'll probably enjoy the toasted ones a LOT more. i myself like both, and i know many swear by the raw ones, but that is usually more for the nutritional value rather than the flavor. certainly both are nice, but i just wanted to mention it.
          also, many people are shocked at how amazingly simple and easy it is easy to make any nut butter at home. i have made walnut butter, pecan butter, sunflower seed butter, hazelnut butter all at home with total and complete success. its as simple as you think: you dump the nuts into your food processor and turn it on. while its going add salt if you want. if you think its not creamy enough go ahead and add oil (although i have never once felt it necessary). Just realize that it takes time to do this. youll initially grind the nuts and youll think they will not process past the flour stage. but they will! just keep going, scraping the bowl down A LOT. i mean constantly stopping the machine and scraping and then going for another 3-4 minutes and scraping, etc. youll see as you go. you need absolutely no culinary know-how whatsoever to do this. goodluck.

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          1. re: ben61820

            Oh my ben61820, YOU ROCK! I will most definitely be trying to make my own 'butters'. That sounds so easy. I absolutely love Maranatha's RAW almond butter...but haven't been able to find it Toronto - still have to check Whole Foods though (Fresh n' Wild only carries the Roasted kind). Will try Arisana as well. Thanks for the tips!


          2. Has anyone tried the new almond butter--Barney Butter? It is in the Whole Foods in SF and a clerk said the Northern California Whole Foods carry it. I also found it in Palo Alto at a couple groceries. It is the best almond butter I have ever tasted. It has a tiny amount of salt and sugar in it (which is the only way my kids will eat it--I've got other almond butters in my fridge and they won't eat it--they love this stuff). Also, I don't have to refrigerate it and it is pre-stirred, so I don't get oil on me anymore. I checked the bottle just now and it is and you can order it online. Try it. I agree about the other almond butters--I know the raw almond butter is a bit healthier, but if I don't eat it, it isn't healthier for me.

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            1. re: macgregor

              your all way off have to try Almond Budder Extreme from Pro Butter, by far the best almond butter to hit the market...two ingerients, almond and omega 3 flaxseed oil...cant cant any better than that