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Jan 26, 2007 09:48 AM

Best Coffee in Garment District

Whi is it so hard to find a really decent cup of coffee anywhere in this neighborhood?

Any sugestions?

I don't like Starbucks and all the deli coffee around here tastes tinny and charred. Is there any kind of small cafe with really good coffee/espresso drinks? Free trade and organic would even be better, but I'm not holding out for it...

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  1. I love the coffee at Pret. There is one located on the corner of 7th ave and 39th.
    I believe it is fair trade not sure about organic. They do have organic half and half though! Way better than starbucks!

    1. Culture on 38th off of 6th Ave is probably your best bet for coffee in the area.

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        i haven't been, but have heard good things about Culture also.

        1. It is on the western fringe of the Garment District (9th Ave.) so may be a bit out of the way for you, but I always thought Cupcake Cafe was charming. Very good espresso drinks and cute cafe ambiance. Not at the level of the best in town but good choice in the neighborhood.

          1. There's also Stumptown at the Ace Hotel on 29th and Broadway. Incredible coffee, and not too far from the Garment District.

            1. My BF swears by the coffee at the 'wichcraft kiosk. Not exactly the season to enjoy it in the park though!