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Jan 26, 2007 09:37 AM

Cook's Illustrated monthly web membership?

If you have the Cook's Illustrated monthly web membership for $3.95/ mo., do you think it is worth it? I mean, I know it's only $3.95, but do I really need access to it all the time or can I just get my information elsewhere for free like I've always done? I've signed up for the free 14-day membership trial, so if I don't sign up to pay, are there any recipes I need to get now? Just curious what your opinions are! Thanks!

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  1. KatieNell,

    I had the same thoughts as you. I started with the free trial and just kind of ended up with a membership for the last three months. I really like it. I have all my favorites saved, the lists the recipes generate are great. I would say that if you like CI recipes (hubby and I really do!!) then it's worth it. I find I'm using this rather than Epicurious. I have heard that it is very difficult to cancel anything with CI, but since I've been happy Idon't have any personal experience with that.


    1. I subscribe to both Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines. I was recently offered a one year subsciption of unlimited access to their on-line site, for $19.95. As part of the deal, I received a Polder electronic watch, timer and stopwatch. It was a deal too good for me to pass up.

      I have used the site occasionally, and have found the in-depth recipes and methods very helpful, at times. However, if you subscribe to their magazines, the information is somewhat redundant.

      I believe the regular on-line subscription rate is $24.95 annually, at least for subscibers to their magazine(s). Considering that I subscibe to their magazines, and own their Family Cookbook, I may not re-subscribe to the on-line service. Their special offer was too good for me to pass up for one year.

      1. I keep telling myself that I'm going to go through the online archives and print out all the recipes I'm every likely to use and cancel my $24.95 a year subscription to the online version of CI. But I like having it be searchable, and paper really isn't, so I keep renewing every year, and my glorious plan to print it all out has gone nowhere.

        1. I actually don't subscribe to the magazine and I never have- I think I would mostly use the online version, so it would just be the $3.95 a month for me. I don't have any experience with their recipes either, so I was just curious what everyone's feelings were. Essentially, they got me, because I wanted their gnocchi recipe!

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          1. re: Katie Nell

            I like getting the magazines, because, well, I enjoy mail. But if I didn't have a magazine subscription there'd be zero doubt at all that I'd keep my online sub. I love Cook's Illustrated, and while the recipes can be a bit fussy, I've never, ever had one turn out badly.

          2. Keep track of how many times you use it, or how many times you feel it would truly be useful, in the 14 days of your free trial. If it turns out to be every other day or so, I'd keep it. Less than once a week? Maybe not.
            I have it and like it very much.