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Jan 26, 2007 09:35 AM

best of park slope hot soup takeout?

union market uses 'hale and hearty' soups...some of which i like and some of which are, imo, overly herby. got the white bean and escarole today and it was yummy but i couldn't believe that they didn't offer a hunk of bread with it.

any others that are really good?

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  1. A couple of places to check into--the wonderful soup maker/flower store on 4th Avenue between 10th & 11th--lots of choices, and definitely served with bread. I've also had some good soups at Press 195 (5th Ave between Union & Sackett)--I've always had them there, not taken out.

    1. The sausage chili soup at the shop on 4th Ave. is really really delicious

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