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Jan 26, 2007 09:18 AM

Daniel's French kosher charcuterie

has anyone tried the new gourmet sausages made by Daniel in his OK supervised smokehouse in Newark? Apparently they gained the best of the show award at kosherfest. He claims to use only good quality meat, no fillers, no scraps of unsaleable fat and gristle... and interesting spices. Do our glatt gourmets agree?

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  1. I have seen it sold in Mauzone in Lawrence (Five Towns, NY).

    If you check the nutrition label, the fat content is higher than they claim (ie. they are not calculating the percent fat as the fat calories divided by the total calories x 100). Perhaps they are including the water contained in their products (water has zero calories) and calculating percent fat based on the weight of the product. This a method that companies use to sometimes "reduce" the fat content of their products.


    1. I saw it at Zabar's in New York, so I bought one for my husband who eats only kosher meat - He said it was the best Kosher Salami he ever had. so I tried it too - I rarely eat these kind of meats, but I have to admit that it is truly delicious... it is pretty lean and the taste is very delicate, not too salty, the spices I think are just right... and best of all it didn't take hours to digest! Frankly, I agree with my husband, it is the best Kosher Salami available.

      1. Anyone sell it in NJ? Where is it in Newark?

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          If you check out the web site posted by jeterfan - gives a list of locations it is sold in - does not look like anywhere in NJ yet -

        2. Thanks. Anyone know if you can buy at the facility?

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            I engaged in a frustrating e-mail exchange with Daniel after this thread was initiated. He didn't really ever answer my question, which sought to find out if the products could be purchased in Newark, at the facility, or elsewhere in the Essex-Union-Middlesex counties area. He suggested Zabars in the city. I gave up (after explaining that my bro. works in Newark, etc.) and concluded that his answer was NO. Please let us know if you get a different answer.
            Good luck, p.j.

          2. Thanks for the scoop, pj. I am not a big sausage fan, so for me, it's not worth it to probe or travel too much, but if it were easy to acquire, I'd try it.