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Jan 26, 2007 08:53 AM

Best Pizza in Metairie

We just moved to Metairie last year and happened to notice a joint on Clearview north of W. Esplanade called 'Pizza Gourmet'. I think it is the best pizza I have had in the NO area. I wanted to share this with my fellow Metarites; forget Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Dominoes. Try the Salami as a topping. Strictly a carry out or delivery place, though.

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  1. i have never been to pizza gourmet, but my absolute favorite, hands down, is tower of pizza on veterans between causeway and bonnabel. order a plain cheese and an italian salad for two - you wont be disappointed!

    1. Try Brooklyn Pizzeria on Airline and is the closest thing to real NY pizza. Mark Twain's is good too.

      1. I live stones throw from Brooklyn Pizza and Mark Twain and find MT to be mediocre at best.Our "pizza patrol"has gone out for pizza every Thursday night since 1994...our favs are Theo's-Magazine st,Reginelli-magazine at State,Specialty on the West bank,Rotolo's across from the water works on Jeff Hiway and Pizza Florence across from the Clearview mall but these 4 do not stand head and shoulders above can be very subjective plus we need a place that has seating room for 10 people..we all agree that Tower Pizza on Vets is the worst in town whereas the old Tower in the east was great.

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          Love the pizza patrol idea...what does the "patrol" think about NY Pizza on Magazine or the new World's Healthiest Pizza? I like Brooklyn, too, and a new Rotolo's just opened in my neck of the woods (we previously had just a Dominos) far I've been happy with everything from Rotolo's, though the crust is thicker than my platonic pizza ideal.

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            We did a head to head comparison of Theo's and Pepperoni's (by Hana in Riverbend) during the second-to-last football game, and everyone preferred Pepperoni's. I do like NY Pizza, but it's ridiculously expensive.

            I also really enjoy the Dough Bowl (by the Boot on Broadway), and not just at 2 am.

            1. re: HankB

              Hi Hank, Is the Pizza Patrol still around? Please let me know


            2. Refrence earlier post re:subjectivity-MT is 3 blocks away and very popular but not for experience on WHP.
              NY Pizza on Magazine is tiny...very cozy on a cold night but we have at least 10 -the patrol eats in (establishes a base camp) which eliminates lotsa places.Rotolo's (JeffHiway) has good,large salads and great calzones and pasta dishes at a low price...and U can't beat the view of the water!!
              Have family in NYC and Boston,lived in Chi for a time and been to Italy a few times so I have experienced lots of pizza.When the patrol is cancelled we might get a Domino's and ask them to crisp it a bit (or use our own pizza stone)-since I am one of the 9 people in N.O.who like anchovies on their pizza sometimes I will augment...and that statistic, like 62.3% of all statistics, is made up on the spot :>)

              1. There used to be a well-kept secret in a french bistro just off of Broadway (down the street from the old Big Apple Deli). The place had served pizza in a previous incarnation, but if you called ahead, they would still make it for you, and to me, it was the best in town.

                Anyone recall the name, and know if it is still up and running?

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                1. re: paz5559

                  Are you talking about Cote de Sud? If so, it's not open yet. There was no activity around the place for at least a year, but they had at least taken down the boards over the windows last fall. I've heard nothing about their plans.

                  1. re: JGrey

                    Cote de Sud has been open for at least a month or two==I had dinner there a few weeks ago. Qite good, French country cuisine, nice and hearty.. One of my companions ordered a pizza and enjoyed it thoroughly.

                    It is on the site of the old Ciro's, now just a memory of my college days.

                      1. re: underworld gourmet

                        Yes, it's been open for 1.5 years or so now, you'll notice the date on that post. :)