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Jan 26, 2007 08:44 AM

Kansas City BBQ on lankershim

anyone bee here, it may be interesting. to full to go for lunch or dinner the other day, but took a look at the menu, and it looks like the closet to the KC, Mo. cue in these parts, they even have a burnt ends sandwich which Arthur Bryant's is famous for. But I think this cue joint in North Hollywood is connected, inspired by, or related somewhow to Gate's BBQ in KC since they are a load of bottled Gate's sauce on the countertop by the register. And I overheard that the owner is from KC too.

So might be a new option. don't know how it will stack up to my favorite cue places, but it's worth a try. Also, there's absolutely no decor and an old fashioned menu a la quick stop fast-food joints in the midwest, these are always good signs.

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  1. Sounds like you need to jump in and "take one for the team" as they say, who ever THEY are!!! The SFV could really use some great BBQ. Hey, where on Lankershim is this possible gem?

      1. re: kevin

        I drive by daily on the way to work but have yet to stop in.

        It's actually north of Cahuenga...past the Universal entrance. It's south of Moorpark but north of Cahuena. And I think it's painted yellow on the corner.

      2. Beware, beware! There's a chain of sorts that calls ityself Kansas City BBQ. Wretched would be a better title. If it's real KC Q, it should have an owner's name not too far from view.

        1. Ok, so 2 days ago I finally made it here. I was very unimpressed. VERY. It's not horrible, and the owners were trying to be overly friendly, which was nice, but the prices aren't cheap and it really wasn't all that great.

          I went with 2 coworkers. They each had the pork sandwich, that I believe came with fries. I think that was $7.99. If you want to upgrade to sweet potatoe fries it's an extra buck. The sandwiches were served on plain white bread. Fries were a handful and probably the best part of the meal.

          I had the pork dinner plate, that comes with two sides. I think it was $11.99. It comes with a decent amount of meat, but not much sauce actually on it. I was hoping for more of a pulled pork dish. It does come with a tiny cup of extra sauce. I upgraded to sweet potato fries for a buck, and coleslaw. I figured it'd be a good amount of coleslaw, but it was a small cup. And not all that great.

          So overall I probably won't go back. It really wasn't anything special. And to top it off the decor is non-existent. The BBQ sauce was pretty good, but the meat wasn't cooked in it, so that detracted points in my book. I might stop in for a rack of ribs, but even those seemed pricey.

          I'd rate it a C-. Just a mediocre place. I can't remember the name but there's a much better BBQ joint on Van Nuys, near the VW dealership. That place has a huge selection and was damn tasty. Anyone know the name?

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          1. re: cincodemayo1

            I know it's been over a year, but I love this place. Actually, KC BBQ is not cooked in the sauce, it's smoked and then the sauce is added the after the fact, it's not many people's taste, but man oh man do I love KC bbq vs Texas, but then that's neither here or there....

            1. re: TiffanyRae

              I love this place too, I grew up in KC and it definitely great KC style bbq. I was there the other day and spoke to the owner they are moving to a new location around magnolia and vineland, should be anytime now. I always go for the brisket!

              1. re: TiffanyRae

                Went a couple weeks back and was served some extremely dried out brisket. Hard to tell if it had a smoky flavor as it was so dry. And only got a couple thimbles full of sauce in my to go package. Not impressed even though it was only one time. The slaw was decent.

                1. re: TiffanyRae

                  Quick aside to TiffanyRae: try the original location of Sonny Bryan's near Love Field in Dallas and then tell me you prefer KC bbq. The brisket at Bryan's (not Arthur Bryant's in KC, which started going downhill after the old man gave up the ghost in 1982) is a mighty achievement -- crusty ends and luscious slices of the juiciest beef this side of paradise. A branch in Southern California would blow away the competition, especially if they let you sneak a little vodka into your Dr. Pepper.

                  Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse
                  2202 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235

              2. The original comment has been removed