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Jan 26, 2007 08:39 AM

Authentic Thai

I lived on the East Coast for a year, and became addicted to great Thai food...sadly here the only place I found that compares, and does so amply, is Siamese's. With our large Asian/Vietnamese population and wonderful Vietnamese food all around, I would think there would be more great, authentic (La Thai is not authentic) Thai food....is there some great place on the Westbank or in the East that I don't know about?

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  1. There are a lot of Vietnamese in New Orleans, which makes for some really good Viet places. But I don't think there are many Thais there. I think the Chinese food is pretty sub par as well. I've been away from NO for years now, so this info is pre-K: if you're interested in Viet, assuming they survived Katrina, Dong Phuong on Chef Menteur had a great bakery, Kim Anh (in NOE) had great mi xao, and Three Happiness on the West Bank had phenomenal canh chua ca.

    1. Sukho thai off Frenchman Street. Great thai!

      1. As you've discovered, Siamese is prob. the best bet. A new place--Thai Style Cafe--recently opened on the Westbank, just off of Lapalco near the old Belle Promenade mall. I haven't tried it yet--it is closed on Sundays, despite what the website says. Check 'em out online at http://www.thaistylecafe.com/ Please, somebody go try this place & give us a report...

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          To answer my own question: I went to Thai Style on Friday night. It's in a strip mall off of Lapalco, alongside a storefront apostolic church, a "Curves" location, and a bar. Pale green walls, bare floors, paper-topped tablecloths, couple of fish tanks, v. clean restrooms. Menu isn't as exhaustive as Siamese, but most popular thai specialities were in evidence, as well as a couple of fusion-y seared tuna options in appetizer & entree categories. I tried the tom kha soup (a little too sweet to me), chicken satay (tasty, but not char grilled), panang curry (v. good), and an excellent spicy basil fried rice. Worth a return visit; if I lived in the neighborhood, I'd probably be a regular, but I don't know that I'll abandon Siamese (closer to my house) for Thai Style. TS has coupons for a 1/2 price entree, as well as a $3 promotional credit if you fill out a customer response card, so they appear to be trying hard to make a go of it. Polite, sweet service by two young women, with another young man in the kitchen. Big array of lunch specials, priced $5-10.

        2. Bangkok Cuisine at Riverbend is as good as the famous Lotus of Siam in Vegas...since almost all the Thai restaurants in N.O. are owned by the same family (just as almost all the Indian places are owned by a single family)- except for Sukho thai off Frenchman Street(GREAT) -they are about the same except that LA Thai on Metairie Rd is pricey

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            Hank, please tell me how to get good food at Bangkok in Riverbend...thus far, I've tried the lunch buffet a couple of times & been so underwhelmed that I didn't want to try dinner. Any specific dishes worth a dinner visit? Is the papaya salad any good?

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              On my way back from New Orleans to New York on a flight once, I sat next to a couple who raved about their food experience in New Orleans, and they reserved the highest praise of all the places they ate for... Sukho Thai. They loved it. Apparently, they incorporate lots of local seafood and flavors into the cuisine. I was surprised, since you can get great Thai in New York. I have never been, but have been meaning to go.

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                It sounds like I need to try there as well.

            2. possible they have switched to a buffet..a few months ago-September right after eating in Vegas-it was a sitdown situation...sorry