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Not to miss Buffalo eats next weekend?!


I'm planning a trip to Buffalo next weekend and would love some feedback on the best places to eat in Buffalo - anything and everything that you fellow hounds want to recommend just because it can't be missed!.

Also, I have some specifici requests for the best places for:
Beef on Weck
Foot Longs

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wings: Duff's, Mother's, Jimmy Mac's.
    Chicken Finger Subs: Jim's Steakout
    Beef on Weck: Anderson's (I dare anyone to challenge me here)
    Footlongs (or hots in general): Louie's on Elmwood
    Pizza: that's another thread all together

    If your looking for a stellar meal go to Hutch's or to Tempo.

    1. I think Anderson's is not great. The beef is never rare and the horseradish....I wish they would get some good stuff. I'd go to BarBill in East Aurora for the beef and the wings. I like Ted's better than Louie's.
      Hutches is good and Daniel's and I like Saigon Bangkok for Asian too but I think we're talking Buffalo cuisine here.

      1. Hey - we can't forget Anchor Bar - Home of the famous Buffalo wing!! You can wash it down with some Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! (Have an extra bottle for me!)

        1. A vote for Ted's for hot dogs
          Anchor Bar if you want the "official" home of the wing but any of the afformentioned placed if you want a better tasting one (I actually like La Nova's a lot)
          Gourmet...I like the Chop House or Left Bank

          If you don't have a Wegman's (supermarket) by you, it's kinda impressive the first time you go (I know I was impressed the first time I was in one)

          Pizza....I am from downstate originally so I still kinda don't like any pizza here (other than Zetti's which is NYC style)....BUT..I think many like Bocce, La Nova, and John and Mary's

          1. The Anchor Bar has slipped - badly. I stand by BarBill's. Nice meaty wings and good degrees of heat.

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              I second Bar Bill for both wings and beef on weck.

            2. I also must add two things:

              1. That I was in the in the airport (BUF) today, flying back to NY, and had a veryfine beef on weck at the little "Buffalo" resuraunt. The roll was very fresh and it had a great jus.

              If you have a moment, check it out


              1. Now THERE"S a good Buffalo cuisine recommendation! Eat at Taco Bell or the airport! LOL

                I forgot - see if you can't find some Rose's Loganberry, if all else fails - it's in the supermarkets.

                1. I was caught in Buffalo a couple months ago and am still craving "white hots." While there, I also discovered a Rochester abortion-on-a-plate that seemed to be popular in Buffalo as well: the garbage plate. That's certainly one dish that will remain with me from my trip upstate. Perhaps also something for you to try.

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                    Ahhh..the garbage plate - the culinary masterpiece of Rochester! A plate filled with half macaroni salad, half hash-browns, and topped with two cheeseburger patties (the original), 2 hots, or 2 eggs. All topped off with a meaty hot sauce. Only Nick Tahou's will do for one of these! Enjoy, but make sure your arteries can handle it!

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                      I drove for nearly 40 minutes just to get to Nick Tahou's and gagged when I saw that the sauce on top of the macaroni salad, home fries and cheeseburgers was also made out of meat and fat. When the Rochesterians told me to cover the beast in more condiments and then swirl it around with my fork, I didn't think I could carry on. It was seriously the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. And yet I somehow managed to eat the whole thing. I have to confess, they are the perfect food to end a night of drinking, provided you don't look at the plate in front of you.

                      1. re: JungMann

                        LOL! A night of drinking is definitely the perfect setting! I try not to think about all that grease - but they sure are tasty!

                  2. Here is another vote for BarBill in East Aurora for both beef-on- weck and wings. Also Eckl's in Orchard Park makes an excellent beef-on-weck.

                    1. Mother's, Anderson's, Mighty Taco, Le Metro, Left Bank is amazing

                      1. Pizza Plant in Williamsville for Piza Pods!!!

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                          Ahh the pods! I used to go to that place often. If you go, look for Big Evil Dave at the bar. :)

                        2. Jims Steakout is the best! You must order a chicken finger sub with hot(or medium) sauce and blue cheese. It comes on a 12" roll with LTO. Can not be missed!

                          My Tomato Pie in Amherst is also good. It's a cute Italian casual restaurant. Very healthy prepared dishes. Try the tomato-basil soup and a side of toasted pita bread. Salads are great too.