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Jan 26, 2007 08:39 AM

Not to miss Buffalo eats next weekend?!


I'm planning a trip to Buffalo next weekend and would love some feedback on the best places to eat in Buffalo - anything and everything that you fellow hounds want to recommend just because it can't be missed!.

Also, I have some specifici requests for the best places for:
Beef on Weck
Foot Longs

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wings: Duff's, Mother's, Jimmy Mac's.
    Chicken Finger Subs: Jim's Steakout
    Beef on Weck: Anderson's (I dare anyone to challenge me here)
    Footlongs (or hots in general): Louie's on Elmwood
    Pizza: that's another thread all together

    If your looking for a stellar meal go to Hutch's or to Tempo.

    1. I think Anderson's is not great. The beef is never rare and the horseradish....I wish they would get some good stuff. I'd go to BarBill in East Aurora for the beef and the wings. I like Ted's better than Louie's.
      Hutches is good and Daniel's and I like Saigon Bangkok for Asian too but I think we're talking Buffalo cuisine here.

      1. Hey - we can't forget Anchor Bar - Home of the famous Buffalo wing!! You can wash it down with some Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! (Have an extra bottle for me!)

        1. A vote for Ted's for hot dogs
          Anchor Bar if you want the "official" home of the wing but any of the afformentioned placed if you want a better tasting one (I actually like La Nova's a lot)
          Gourmet...I like the Chop House or Left Bank

          If you don't have a Wegman's (supermarket) by you, it's kinda impressive the first time you go (I know I was impressed the first time I was in one)

          Pizza....I am from downstate originally so I still kinda don't like any pizza here (other than Zetti's which is NYC style)....BUT..I think many like Bocce, La Nova, and John and Mary's

          1. The Anchor Bar has slipped - badly. I stand by BarBill's. Nice meaty wings and good degrees of heat.

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              I second Bar Bill for both wings and beef on weck.