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Jan 26, 2007 08:38 AM

Birthday Dinner w/84 Year Old Parents

I need to come up with a restaurant for my birthday dinner with my folks.
Like I said in the heading, they are 84 and not the most adverturous eaters, and
they're appetites have definitely gotten smaller as they've gotten older.
My partner and I are vegetarians and, although we do eat fish, I'm not interested
in a strictly seafood restaurant.
Great desserts are a must - I was going to choose Blair's but they've changed their
dessert menu and I don't find it very appealing.
The areas of choice are - Pasadena, Silver Lake/Los Feliz, East S.F. Valley all
the way to Sherman Oaks.
No Indian, Thai, Japanese or Chinese please.

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  1. Sounds like you're looking for an elegant, quite environment with traditional cuisine and that describes The Bistro Garden in Studio City. The menu has listed:

    Starters - many vegan options
    Entrees - 1 vegan & 4 Fish - And probably some more Vegans on request
    Desserts - 10 including their signature Chocolate Souffle

    1. Quick question - are you going by Blair's website? Cause that menu hasn't been updated in a really long time. If it's really the desserts that keep you from choosing Blair's, I'd call and find out
      what they might be serving. I think their desserts change though, and they don't always have the same things. Lucky day if they have donuts, though.

      I can't think of a better place in the area to take parents, Blair's is my favorite of 3 "special occasion" places we like in my general neighborhood. The others are Canele and Cliff's Edge.

      Canele is great, but small and maybe a bit noisy for them - I know my dad would be bummed if we went there, as his hearing aides would be going nuts. It is a nice little place though, and the food is very good. A fantastic addition to the 'hood.

      Cliff's Edge is a really lovely setting - inside or out. I think they're desserts are great, and it's birthday worthy for sure. But again, if I was choosing between Blair, Canele, and Cliff's Edge for my parents, I'd go with Blair's.

      Happy Birthday!

      3219 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles 90189
      (323) 666-7133

      Cliff's Edge
      3626 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles 90026
      (323) 666-6116

      1. I'm not a big fan of Blair's in general, and I think the seating would be too hard and uncomfortable for some folks, especially older ones. I don't think that Cliff's Edge or Canele would suit your parent's tastes either.
        My first thought is to go somewhere really old-school like Taix. Not the best food by any means, but a very comfortable, relaxing space. Great wine list, but so-so desserts.
        Or what about Vermont? I've taken my parents there, and they really enjoyed it. I can't recall the desserts, though...

        Edited to add: Musso & Franks! The last time I went there with a group of family friends (all older folks), they were thrilled with the martinis, the steaks and the sightings of Dick van Dyck eating with two other actors (whose names I can't remember). The sand dabs are good there, too.

        1. How about FireFly in South Pasadena?

          1. We must be travelling in parallel universes. My 83+ year old parents suggested that for my upcoming birthday they take me and the S.O. out to Maison Akira. My mom is very particular about food, noise, etc., has recently started to veto the Parkway Grill for being too noisy and too "young". She speaks highly of Maison Akira for both ambience, attitude, and the menu. I don't eat beef or fowl, just seafood and she said that I'd have many choices.

            (BTB, I'd veto Cliff's Edge -great patio, lots of stairs, can be boisterous with other parties, and indoors is cramped. My mom would hate it. I like it, but not for mom. Good luck.