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Jan 26, 2007 08:31 AM

Best pre-made pizza dough for thin crust pizza?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows where to buy the best pre-made pizza dough for thin crust pizza in Toronto...any feedback would be appreciated!


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  1. Just a suggestion...This is by no means a great pizza crust, but a friend made delicious appetizer 'pizzas' on large flour tortillas, the kind you can get at any supermarket. Just this week we made a meal from them by using toppings such as sliced tomatoes, zucchini, onions, pepperoni, arugula, grated mozzarella, fresh cheese, shaved garlic, olives, bottled tomato puree, pesto etc. The tortillas make a very thin crust. We baked them in a 450 degree oven. Yum.

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      Yes, absolutely flour tortillas about 10 minutes in a 400 degree oven works. Something else that works is to use 2 flour tortillas for one pizza which is still very thin. And one last thing that really works for me is to use Pita bread, same procedure. I do not much care for Pita as sold in stores,etc. but rebake for 10 minutes and a wonderful bread, or topped pizzza results!!

      1. re: Jar

        Why cant you call them Tortizza or Pitzas, like pleather or Faux Fur. Is it really fair to call those quick tricks Pizza?

        Another option for something MUCH better tasting is to ask your local pizza guy who you frequent if he/she will sell you a ball or two.

        1. re: deelicious

          Nothing wrong with looking for taste in both flour tortillas or pitas adding a dimension to not loading up on a heavy dough! I've bought pizza doughs from many sources including some local pizzerias, and of course Italian bakeries, etc. I am simply accenting an attempt for THIN CRUST, and my suggestions can be a snack or after school treat not to offend with a nourishing meal. Call it what you want, but I would not try and build a pizza on my homemade pancake dough so soft and rich with yogourt and buttermilk. A base is a base, indeed!!!

    2. If you're not going for high end...I believe No Frills carries packs of pizza shells (not frozen). They even come with a sauce that you could manipulate to make it better. They come thick or thin crust.

      1. I've made pizza from leftover frozen bread dough (Bridgeford is what they sell here). Used to work in a pizza joint long ago and figured I'd try it out. It was pretty good and a fun app to have for a party. I followed the direcitons on the bag of dough (for pizza, I think), sauced and cheesed and put fresh basil on it, and cooked it on the pizza stone. Nary a slice remained...

        1. I haven't found a lot of taste/texture difference between the pre-made dough balls I've bought at no-frills, loblaws, various bakeries et. al. The key is to check the ingredients list if you want to avoid synthetic additives/preservatives. But using this stuff is so easy and the results can be so excellent that I don't quite know why anybody would use tortillas (blech!) or pre-made pizza shells (triple-blech!)
          I let it rise for an hour or two in an olive-oiled bowl, then usually use half a ball per pizza. I just roll it out (apologies here to tossers) very thin, make sure the sauce isn't too wet or spread too thick, then bake it in the hottest oven possible. This is the key: your oven can't possibly be too hot. People swoon.

          1. Hands down, St. Lawrence Ice Cream & Pizza. $2.50 a ball.
            Upper level, south market, SW corner.
            Freezes extremely well too.