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Chocolate Fountain

I am looking for a small chocolate fountain to purchase today!
Promised my daughter I would throw her a party w/chocolate fountain when she dumped her loser boyfriend,and she finally did it. Time for me to shut up and put up!
Any help? Please?

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  1. Saw one on sale at Williams and Sonoma a while ago...

    1. Just saw them at the Home Outfitters in Hamilton's Limeridge Mall last Sunday -- since those stores all seem to carry the same thing, check out the one closest to you.

      1. The had them at Costco the last time I was there. Don't know how good they would be though.

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          They reduced them at Costco Ajax to $30, for the remainder.

        2. I've seen them at Linens N' Things...and what an awesome reason to have a chocolate fountain party. They are hella messy though, so you may want to put down a drop cloth under it and around it...

          1. You can also rent them (www.chocolatefountain.ca and www.amorechocolatefountains.ca) but I think rental is about $300 (with chocolate). If you think there is a chance they will get back together you may want to buy one so you have it handy for the next party (and the next party ...



            1. Thanks, will check Costco and Linens on my way home from work....

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                I bought one at costco and picked up some belgian chocolate wafers from bulk barn for my office party. Everything worked out perfectly. You need to add some oil to the chocolate so that it flows so I used peanut oil. It tasted very good. Tip: be sure to melt the chocolate completely in a double boiler first and get it very hot. Pre-warm the fountain and then pour in the very hot chocolate. GO CRAZY!

              2. have seen them at bj's as well as fortunoffs (less than 50$)

                1. I saw them advertised in the Sobey's holiday flyer. May just have been a holiday item, but I remember thinking that the price was really reasonable ($30 I think), so it might be worth checking out if there is one near you.

                  1. i saw one at sobey's and i think i saw one at zellers too. good luck!

                    1. Folks, please help us keep this board focused on Ontario. If you have questions/comments about Chocolate Fountains in general, please start a new thread on the Cookware board, and post a link here so people can find the discussion. Thanks.

                      1. Try caynes housewares
                        112 Doncaster Ave.
                        Thornhill, Ontario
                        L3T 1L3
                        Telephone: (905) 764-1188
                        Fax: (905) 764-1199
                        there up at Yonge north of Steels