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Jan 26, 2007 08:29 AM

The best home kitchen coffee maker...?

I am looking to have the best possible cup of my own kitchen. Right now have a 12 cup capacity coffee maker, but that is too much coffee for one person. Any recommendations for one on a smaller scale? Thanks.

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  1. My Capresso (not sure of the model) has been the most reliable coffee maker I have ever used. Bought it at Starbucks years ago and the thing keeps churning out great, hot coffee

    1. Use a french press. You'll never go back.

        1. French presses come in a variety of sizes. That's what we use on a daily basis.

          I also have a Melitta percolator that appears now and then. I take it with me when I'm traveling because in this part of the world and on my budget I can't get hotel coffee that's worth bothering with--not only that but it also means I can have a cup or two before I have to venture out into the land of the living. But it's a 10-cupper, so probably more than you're looking for. I say go with the french press.

          1. Best cup of coffee? You have to forgo electric then. I have never seen a consumer-level coffee maker that heats the water hot enough and quickly enough and pushes the water through fast enough to make truly excellent coffee.

            You have to go manual - French press or manual drip.

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              here you go, the only home brewer to reach the magic 195-204 window for proper coffee brewing.


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                Nice. Too bad they're monster sized. Might as well just buy a Bunn. :)