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I just moved to Chicago and am looking for good ceviche, preferably on the North side or downtown. Any recommendations?


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  1. The ceviche we had at Topolobampo downtown was absolutely fantastic. This was just under a month ago.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by my meal at Platiyo (on Clark Street in Wrigleyville) the other night. The atmoshphere was festive and everything I ordered was quite tasty, including the Ceviche...and great margaritas!

      1. I had an absolutely knock-out marlin ceviche from Geno Bahena (of the late Ixcapuzalco and Chilpancingo) at a benefit for the Greater Chicago Food Depository about two months ago. I don't know if it's on the menu at his new place, Tepatulco, but if so, I'd stand in line any time. It may have been the best ceviche I've ever had.

        Good luck.

        2558 N. Halsted St

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          Went to Tepatulco this weekend and the ceviche was mediocre. It had more tomatoes, avocados and olives than it did fish! In fact, the fish was barely discernible.

        2. We've enjoyed the ceviche at Rios d' Sudamerica

          2010 W. Armitage Ave.

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            What's the story with Rios d' Sudamerica? They took forever to get it together. How's the atmosphere, food, price point, etc?

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              It's fine. I'm not sure I'd be so thrilled with it if it weren't BYO :) The price point is comparable to to other area restaurants (Bouchon, Matou, LaGuardia). I don't like that they have TVs at the bar, I find it distracting. It's a white tablecloth place, what's with the TVs? Food is good, service seems fine. Go, try it :)

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                Thanks for the report. My office is on Armitage nearby so I'll have to give it a shot.

          2. Ceviche's at SushiSamba Rio are outstanding. In fact, it's the only thing on their menu that I think is outstanding. They usually have 4 varieties, plus 4 "ceviche-like" offerings that are more like dressed sashimi. All tasty.

            1. That's very disappointing. I am truly sorry to hear it; guess a visit to the source is in order to find out what's up. Thanks for the report! (and for taking one for the team.)

              1. Delacosta. to see and be seen at the ceviche bar... where the women drink overpriced bottles of "Bitch". "THE" ceviche restaurant in the city right now.

                465 E Illinois
                Chicago, IL, 60611
                (312) 321-8930

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                  DeLaCosta's ceviche is awesome--the only reason I'd go back there would be to sit at the ceviche bar, where the service is very friendly and personal (I think the chef's name is Pedro), and they're obviously having lots of fun. A bit pricey, but worth it.

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                    The Fire-and-Ice ceviche there is very good.

                  2. I second the ceviche/ceviche-like offerings at SushiSambaRio--I once had a yellowtail ceviche appetizer there that was divine!

                    1. Thanks for all the good suggestions/discussion. I'll have to taste around and report back. I had no idea that ceviche had become so scene-y (see: Delacosta).

                      1. For authentic Ecuadorian style ceviche like my grandma makes i like La Peña ( 4212 N. Milwaukee Ave). Some of the entrees are iffy but i also highly recommend the llapingachos.
                        its so weird that a food that i used to eat when i was a kid can be so trendy and high class here, like in a lot of spots you guys mentioned. but it's also exciting when creative chefs put the dish in a higher level