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fresh pasta in brooklyn

Hi everyone! I need to know where to buy fresh pasta in Brooklyn. Can be anywhere, any neighborhood, but I want extremely high quality and a delicious yield. I would love it to be a kind of place with a bit of a story behind it, but I’m open to anything. Help!

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  1. On Court street in Carroll Gardens there is Caputos. They have fresh pasta, mozzarella and lots of other good stuff. It's a great place--give it a try!

    1. Pastosa Ravioli

      -7425 New Utrecht Avenue


      -5223 Avenue N

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        How do you know about Pastosa on Ave N ? There is one on Crossbay Blvd also.
        There is a pasta co on Willamsburg called Savino's they are on Conselya St.
        Have you tried Casneilli's in Astoria (yum O)
        Also i know of one on 101 ave . Sorry all Queens locations.
        FYI Piemonte Ravioli's are made in Woodside, Queens .Right around the corner from Spicy Mina's

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          FAL, re: Pastosa:

          I'm from Brooklyn. Its THE LAW. Of course, it helps that I used to shoot pool on Avenue N, get pizza at Frank's, and drink at Duggan's on Flatbush.

          Agree that Savino is very good. Closed Sundays.

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            You know there is also a Pastosa on Staten Island I think it's on Arden Ave.

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              yes there is tree in istaten island
              (1) its in 1076 richmond road phene # (718) 667-2194
              (2) fores ave
              (3) its in ricmond ave

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              Ah, I must admit that I grew up on SI. I'm doing a reverse migration, inching ever closer to 'the city.' I do miss my Saturday morning runs on Ave N for Pastosa and Moretti's. And fresh cannolis from Palermo...

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                I LOVE Palermo. My engagement cake was from there. Three layers of cannoli pastry stretched out thin with two different kinds of custard between. HEAVEN!

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                  It is not where your from its where your at.

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                  Don't forget to stop at Moretti's for rolls, Alliotta for dessert, and La Torre for everything else! Damn, what memories!

                  Russo's in the slope is a passable substitute, but nothing truly beats Pastosa.

            3. I agree with Caputo's Court between third and 4th place - EXCELLENT

              1. caputo's on court is the business - for real. if you want a restaurant SERVING fresh pasta too, go to FRAGOLE on court. excellent, old world, realdeal italian.

                1. I used to shop in a tiny shop on 7th Ave. off Union St.in Park Slope where they made fresh mozzarella and fresh pasta which was very good-can't remember their name and wonder if they are still there???let me know--they had homemade ravioli stuffed with lobster, pesto,tomato pasta--all very delicious--nice proscutto bread too-

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                    I think you mean Fratelli's Ravioli. I believe its on Berkeley or Lincoln off of 7th Ave. Not quite sure about that though.

                  2. Well, there's always Fairways in Red Hook for a selection of packaged. Of course, the packages are from Raffeta's, still churning away in their old worldish store on Houston St in Manhattan (you can watch the pasta making in the back).

                    Overall, I agree with Pastosa and Caputo's.

                    1. There's always Dairy Maid on Ave U near W. 6th St. in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Small mom-and-pop that smells of the old country -- in a good way.
                      They carry various homemade ravioli and many other great fresh pastas.

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                        I havent been for years but always like Dairy Maid best and used to enjoy going to the Ave U store. Could end a shopping run to that area by picking up a square pie at L&B to carry home to the kids. Dairy Maid's stuff isnt widely carried elsewhere in Brooklyn unfortunately. I liked their spinach filled items. Is that still a nice neighborhood shopping strip?

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                          THERE IS A DAIRY MAID ON 18 TH AVE ,

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                          OH MAN! I forgot about that place. We also used to go to Meats Supreme all the time when my sister lived on V, when Genovese was still Genovese!

                        3. well the best place to go its in pastosa ravioli staten island 1076 richmond road had anything you need the best quality the make fresh ravioli-manicotti -shells-pasta also the made fresh marinara sauce the make every day fresh mozarella and lots of god stuff its a great place to shop try nothing to loose..

                          1. There is a place on 18th ave, on east side of street, around 74th or so. It got a big shop in the back that makes pasta and small upfront storefront. Its the best I have had in NY, but i am drawing a blank to the name. Its close to a famous bakery.....

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                              russo on 7th ave in park slope.

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                                You're thinking of Queen Anne Ravioli, which is very good. Also on 75th ST and New Utrecht Ave. is Pastosa, also very good.

                              2. Fratellis used to be on Lincoln above 7th but closed a few years ago. What about the place on 7th Ave. around 11th st. Anyone know/like their pasta? I've gotten their fresh mozzarella--sometimes it's fairly good, sometimes it's so grainy/mushy. Their prepared artichokes are delicious.

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                                  that would be russo, mentioned right above your post.....