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Jan 26, 2007 08:06 AM

Last post section messed up

This may have been pointed out already, but when the list of topics comes up, the original poster is listed on the far right as opposed to the last person to reply. In the past, that box listed the latest reply and how long ago it was posted. Can you fix this?

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  1. This thread seemed to help another poster. If you still have problems, please post again so that Engineering can address the issue.

    1. I realize there is a Last Post option, but that lists the most recent threads. In a lot of cases, people are replying to threads that were started over a year ago, so I stick to sorting by date posted. In any case, the column to the right of the title lists the original poster instead of the last person to post on that thread. The OP is already listed under the title, so why be redundant and list that person again on the right? It makes more sense to see who the last person to reply was. I'm pretty sure that's how it use to work,