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Jan 26, 2007 07:56 AM

Which Indian (not necessarily veg) in Thornhill/Markham?

I love tandoori,lamb gosht,other spicy meat dishes and yes, also British style Indian.Can anyone recommend restaurants in the north part of the city?

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  1. The Host at East Beaver Creek and Highway 7. There's also a Bombay Bhel around there, but I prefer The Host.

    1. Haven't been yet, but I've heard very good things about Indian Kitchen at Yonge and Clark.

      1. I havent been to the Host up North but was not very fond of the one in Yorkville. I also would recommend Indian Kitchen as the best Indian Food in the North part of the city

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          Opposite situation for me, but I felt that the one up in Markham was pretty good, fresh naan, pretty good curries. The other location is the newer one and may deteriorate.

        2. I really like Indian Kitchen at Yonge & Clark. They have one of the best tandoori's I've tasted.

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            Disagree strongly. They are only so-so. They are a spinoff of Cuisine of India which is a far far better restaurant.

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              I agree with wordsworth. I had been a customer of Indian Kitchen for years and loved it. Then I tried some of the new restaurants that popped up recently. I went back a few months ago and was very disappointed. Tandoori chicken was good. Rice lacked flavour. Naan was ok. And curry veg dish was kind of bland.

              Not sure what happened. I used to love, but now won't return.

              Bombay Bhel is my strong vote. Exceptional food, very consistent. The Host is also good, but I don't think as good... portions are very small.

          2. In Markham I like Chauhan's (Denison)