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Which Indian (not necessarily veg) in Thornhill/Markham?

I love tandoori,lamb gosht,other spicy meat dishes and yes, also British style Indian.Can anyone recommend restaurants in the north part of the city?

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  1. The Host at East Beaver Creek and Highway 7. There's also a Bombay Bhel around there, but I prefer The Host.

    1. Haven't been yet, but I've heard very good things about Indian Kitchen at Yonge and Clark.

      1. I havent been to the Host up North but was not very fond of the one in Yorkville. I also would recommend Indian Kitchen as the best Indian Food in the North part of the city

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          Opposite situation for me, but I felt that the one up in Markham was pretty good, fresh naan, pretty good curries. The other location is the newer one and may deteriorate.

        2. I really like Indian Kitchen at Yonge & Clark. They have one of the best tandoori's I've tasted.

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            Disagree strongly. They are only so-so. They are a spinoff of Cuisine of India which is a far far better restaurant.

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              I agree with wordsworth. I had been a customer of Indian Kitchen for years and loved it. Then I tried some of the new restaurants that popped up recently. I went back a few months ago and was very disappointed. Tandoori chicken was good. Rice lacked flavour. Naan was ok. And curry veg dish was kind of bland.

              Not sure what happened. I used to love, but now won't return.

              Bombay Bhel is my strong vote. Exceptional food, very consistent. The Host is also good, but I don't think as good... portions are very small.

          2. In Markham I like Chauhan's (Denison)

            1. Thanks to all of you for all the good ideas!Any more suggestions?

              1. I stumbled across a place on Yonge Street, between Major Mac and Elgin Mills called Taj Odyssey. Really nice guys and though I'm no Indian expert everything was really good. Unlike The Host and Bombay Bhel it's the sort of small place that I'd love to see get support - you could easily miss them in a strip mall tucked in near a Value Village.

                10620 Yonge Street
                Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C8


                1. If you want to go as far north as Newmarket, India Gate at Yonge and Davis is really good! The staff are very friendly and helpful, and we have loved every dish we had there. I have eaten a lot of Indian and enjoy India Gate as much as any.

                  1. Bombay Bhel is not bad, though pretty pricey I find.

                    1. The Host on Hwy 7 has a wonderful lunch buffet on weekdays. Great for people like us who want to try a bit of everything.

                      There's also Jaipur just north of Hwy 7 (east beaver creek rd?), but I found their stuff quite spicy compared to the rest of the toned down indian places I've tried in town.

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                        Do you know how much the Host buffet is for lunch?

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                          I remember it as $9.99. Go there a lot for weekday lunch. There is always the usual: tandoori chicken, curry, naan, etc. Very good value at the Host.

                          Bombay Bhel is not buffet. And definitely more pricey.
                          I've been told by my Indian friends Bombay Bhel and Chauhan are the more authentic ones around.

                      2. Cusine of India is outstanding which is at Yonge and Empress (just north of Empress) And as many people have already mentioned, Bombay Bhel is good as well.

                        1. i have tried foods in bombay bhel,( quite expensive but good food),madras palace good food for south indian food lovers,host, which is excellent for north indian food, taj odyssey is okay ... their lunch buffet is really cheaper compared to others.the worst one i found is jaipur restaurant.

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                            ??? Bombay Bhel is cheap, not expensive. And poor. At least the new one on Yonge.

                          2. The best Indian food I've had recently has been at the recently opened Khana Khajana, on Bathurst just north of Steeles (in a little plaza on the east side). The food is extremely flavourful, non-greasy, and the portions are huge. Just make sure to ask for your food to be prepared spicy; otherwise, the heat level is toned down.

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                              We love Khana Khajana. We have been there twice. The flavours are very distinct. The food is very fresh. It is our new favourite restaurant. The last time we were there .all of the tables were full.... the word is getting out.

                            2. As a lover of Indian food and residing in Richmond Hill, I have tried almost every single restaurants mentioned in this post. If compared with good 'British style Indian' found in London or Birmingham England, especially say 'Tamarind' of London, every one of these establishments are way inferior in quality and taste. The only one that remotely comes close in flavour and taste 'was' Chauhan on Denison. However, that was a few months ago. Recent experience revealed a slight downhill trend. Flavour was less sophisticated as before, may be the chef is trying to cut corners?! Lastly, I would avoid the Host. Last time I ate there, the saag gosht tasted weird and unappertizing

                              1. Madras Palace has a pretty good lunch buffet on weekends for (I think) $12.99. I remember the selection being somewhat limited, although it is a long time ago that I went, so my memory is deficient here. I remember liking (ironic in a South Indian restaurant) the butter chicken. You get a free dosa with your meal too.

                                Wherever you go, do not go to Chauhan's. The buffet food is very oily and (for the most part) clumsily spiced. I got their lunch special once ($5.00 for one meat curry and one vegetable curry, both directly from the buffet; for two vegetable curries, it's $5.00) and I think I came across two partial lentils in my entire "yello dal". The basmati rice is poorly cooked also. The waiters are reluctant to answer questions, the music is either cheesy or embarrassing, or both. If you order à la carte, the food is slightly better, but the poor service and the music take the pleasure out of dining there.

                                I haven't ordered from its menu, but Indian Kitchen's lunch buffet is at least as disgusting as Chauhan's.

                                1. Khana Khajana is absolutely the best Indian food I have had in the GTA. It is located in Thornhill at Bathurst and Steeles.

                                  The portions are big and the food is non greasy and really flavourful! They even deliver for free in the area for orders over $50.

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                                    I'm surprised Mohti Mohal has not been mentioned? Haven't been in a year or so but I thought it was pretty good. As an aside, I think the samosas at Chauhans are deelish!!