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Jan 26, 2007 07:25 AM

South Slope Tonight

Hi, I'm going to be at 15th St and 5th ave tonight and would love to grab dinner after without walking too far due to the cold. Don't want to spend a ton, so Applewood will have to wait until another time. Its been awhile since I've been in that area - suggestions?

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  1. nothing really on 5th ave down there worth noting...if you walk up to 7th ave, there's tost on 14th which does a decent job with paninis and wine and cheese.

    go soon...the restaurant space is for sale.

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      I think Tost does a far better than decent job. I recommend it over anything else suggested here, except Tacos Nuevo Mexico.

    2. Yeah, 7th Ave is your best shot. Steinhoff is great cold weather food. Little D is inconsistent; feel lucky?

      1. If you like Mexican, Tacos Nuevo Mexico on 5th Ave. up by 12th St. is pretty good. Very comfortable down home Mexican food place with an adjacent bar, so you can get drinks. If you're feeling adventurous go for one of the board specials.

        Kinara Indian restaurant a block up on the same strip isn't bad, but they sometimes seem to favor carry-out and delivery customers over people actually in the restaurant.

        Bar Toto 0n 6th Ave. & 11th St. has good, if a little upscale, bar food. The burger has drawn good reviews here.

        1. Kitchen Bar or BBQ both on 6th Ave. and 20th St. are options. Anthonys on 7th and about 14th is a new go to place for my family.

          1. I second Tacos Nuevo Mexico, and also Cafe Steinhof on 7th Ave is also a good idea. Kinara is decent, but I have only had takeout once, so I can't really judge. Some people like Rachael's Tacqueria too, not bad for custom burritos. Then there is Jack's which is good for comfort food, but they take a while getting the food on the table after you order. I have had pretty good pot roast there, the burgers are great, and I vaguely remember some good broiled chicken too. Both Rachael's and Jack's are on 5th Ave, I would have to check the cross streets. But they are within a few blocks of 15th Street.