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Jan 26, 2007 07:17 AM

Help with Joe's Noodle House today!

Hi...headed there this afternoon with a picky eater and I've never been. I love all manner of spicy and weird, but she prefers bland and run of the mill. Is there anything that I can recommend for her or things that we could share? I'm thinking along the lines of chicken dishes, noodle dishes, soups (especially on such a cold day!) that would be better than average but still not turn her stomach. I also plan on ordering a plate of wontons in red sauce for myself...good choice?

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  1. They have it marked as spicy, but N36 might work. I think it's one of the few good noodle dishes there.

    Salty and crispy chicken is tame but good.

    F29 is a slight push, but might also work well.

    I've never had the soups, but have had a few of the wontons (can't remember if I've had the red sauce), but all the ones I have had are good.

    1. Aww, get the peanuts and tiny fried fish dish just for fun. It's such a fabulous little snack and they do it so well.

      1. I have been disappointed the last two time I have eaten at Joe's after the chef change. But yesterday's meal seemed to offer hope. The first meal was just sloppy in execution. Seemed like no one cared. Yesterday's meal showed excellent technique, maybe better than Joe's has demonstrated for a while before the change. The flavor profiles were off, but the cooking technique was impeccable. So maybe it will take a few weeks or so to get back on track flavor wise. In any case, I will be giving them another chance, but not for 2-4 weeks.

        1. Also a picky eater, I had the lemon chicken last week and was very content--battered fried chicken pieces with a simple, sweet sauce (served on the side--how's that for alliteration?). Not very adventurous, but sounds like what your dining partner is looking for.

          1. The wantons in red sauce are good -- we get them just about every time we eat there. One idea for the picky eater might be the shrimp and scrambled eggs -- tastes just like you would imagine.