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Jan 26, 2007 06:59 AM

Molyvos RW Review

I had heard such great things about Molyvos that I was very excited to go there for restaurant week! The choices are the menu were good although i'm still not sure why the Hariatiki Salad appetizer came with a $4 supplement when it was chunks of cucumber, tomato with red onion and a small wedge of feta. There were 4 entree choices. I had the lamb ($8 supplement) which was wonderful. So soft you didn't even need to just melted in your mouth. My dinner partner had the dolmades which were good but too heavily sauced. Dessert choices were good and included a semonlina custard (very good) and a rich yogurt dessert with quince (spectacular).

What ruined the entire evening was the service. Our waiter barely took the time to take our order, practically refused to answer any questions we had on the menu items (when asked how to pronounce the yogurt dessert he had the nerve to look at us and say "Yogurt"), he would not (or could) not reccomend a wine other then offering us one from the "by the glass" list that was like a "merlot" and when it arrived, to our delight, it was nothing like a merlot but spicy with hints of currant and cherry. Don't ask me what it was because we never got to ask. Why? Because our waiter NEVER came back to the table. The bus staff and runners cleared and served but our waiter never deigned to show his face again. No one came to offer us more wine (had he told us about a bottle instead of running away after the glass suggestion we would have gladly ordereded one). No coffee with dessert, no after diner drink, no question of how was everything, did we need anything...nothing. After our dessert plates were cleared and our water glasses empty for about 10 minutes our waiter came over and placed the check on the table. Not a word was uttered. No thank you, not even eye contact. We left a note with our very small tip explaining why it was so small which was laughed at by the other wait staff while we were getting our coats. I sent an email to the owner letting him know of our bad service. I received a response back letting me know how his business is booming and implying that I was wrong.

Good food...but you can find greek just as good with better service elsewhere! I would most definitely NOT reccomend it.

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  1. Again proof that restaurant week is a waste of time & money, and in the end hurts the restaurants who participate poorly in the program.

    I like Molyvos personally too. Fair or unfair, I just can't see RW as being a really useful assessment of a restaurant.

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      Restaurant week should have no affect on the quality of service. Their food offerings were great, very encompassing of their menu, high quality and enjoyable to eat. Just because I'm ordering off the restaurant week menu does not give the staff the right to IGNORE me. That does NOT make me want to come back at again to pay full price to be ignored. Not to mention had he tried to upsell at all (offering us a meze plate before our meal, a bottle of wine instead of a glass, an after dinner drink) we would have partaken probably in all of the above. RW does not imply CHEAP customers. And if a restaurant is going to have that attitude then why participate at all?

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        I disagree with your general statement. It's fairly common knowledge that RW lunches are a better option than dinner, but I think RW dinners have their place - specifically for the chance to dine at restaurants you can't necessarily always afford or that you don't want to pay the top ticket items but still want to try the chef's cooking.

      2. Hubby and I went to Molyvos also. We were there early in the evening, so we did not experience the horrible service you described. We have always wanted to try this place as well. We opted not to partake of the RW menu but rather order various mezze, which would cost about the same, but to our taste, were much more interesting. We experienced courteous, friendly service and would return sometime. I agree that the owner should make amends and that the fault was with them, not with you. You win some, you lose some. If you like Greek food, I highly recommend Thalassa.

        1. I have reservations for Monday...I'm thinking I shoudl cancel? We're drinkers and my bf will be pissed if his drink isn't attended to.
          What were the choices for the entree?

          1. I'd just offer the contrary opinion that I went to Molyvos for a previous restaurant week experience and had absolutely no problems. Great food and the service was attentive and helpful. So mitsy may have had a rare bad experience. Maybe the waiter got dumped earlier in the evening.

            In general, the vast majority of my RW experiences have been positive, and, like dkstar said, it's a great way to sample a place that you're curious about without having to go in whole hog. If a RW dinner is good and the service is pleasant, I will almost certainly return to that restaurant to pay full price and experience the whole menu -- it's a win-win. Speaking of which, if you enjoy Greek/Mediterranean cuisine, my girlfriend and I had an astoundingly good RW dinner at Barbounia -- the food is excellent and the service was so good the waiters were actually encouraging people to order the RW menu because they were excited to have so many new customers coming in to try it out. Recommended.

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              Your comment about the service at Barbounia does not surprise me. We've had dinner there a few times, and the wait staff has always been very cordial and attentive The management has, obviously, done a very good job with staff training. It's one of the things that impresses me about the restaurant, along with the tasty food and attractive surroundings.