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Joe's Pizza Place

We saw a commercial for this place on TV last night- apparently a local chain. They talked up their pizza as something "NY style" (The holy grail ) Anyone ever try it?


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  1. It used to get high praise from some on this board but neither my wife or I can for the life of us understand the appeal. Our friends who swear by Cracker Barrel sure love it.

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      The appeal of Joe's is the lunch buffet -- pizza, pasta, salad, soup, breadsticks -- for a few bucks. It's a good deal. The pizza is good for AYCE.

      The Joe's on Lee Hwy in Arlington is almost always deserted at other times of the day.

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        This is not Chowish though. Cheap or expensive, if it ain't good...

    2. If it's the one in Fair Lakes, I agree with Dennis. It's fine in a pinch, but nothing special.

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        That's the only one I've been to - yes. In that area I do like Pomodorro (esp. the Quattrone sp? pie).

      2. My wife and I use to go with out baby at their Vienna location when they have their dinner buffet during the week. It's not really chowish, but its fast, kid/infant friendly, and comfortable.

        1. I highly recommend Joe's delivery pizza if you're looking for an upgrade over Domino's/PizzaHut/PapaJohns. The ingredients (esp the meats) are of much higher quality than what you get from the regular pizza chains. They also serve decent veal/cx parmagiania and other italian standard fare. If you dine-in, be prepared for families and children's sports teams which seem to hold their end-of-year banquets at Joe's. (I've only been to the Arlington location).

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            The Vienna location also tends to have the families and sports teams.

          2. If you consider "NY Style" the "holy grail" and you're out toward Fairfax, the closest thing I have found to a legit NY style pizza around here is Tony's in Fair Lakes. However, tastes and preferences vary greatly with pizza, it doesn't have to be NY style to be good. Tony's happens to be my favorite, but Pommodoro, Italian Store, PieTanza, and many other NoVA pizza places have lots of fans with good taste...just not my preference.

            As far as Joe's is concerned, I just wish I had an all-you-can-eat pizza/pasta place like that around way back when I was carbo-loading. The Fairfax City location and it seems to have a lot of families with kids coming in and out, which would suggest to me that the prices are probably fair and the flavorings are probably fairly tame/safe. But I haven't been myself that I can remember, so I really cannot offer an educated opinion.

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              The place in Fairfax for NY style pizza is Mama Lucia's at Fair City Mall. You'd never expect anything to look at it (that whole strip is a dump) I grew up in NY and Mama Lucia's could go head to head with it all.

            2. In terms of places that will deliver a pizza to my house, Joe's (Lee Highway, Arlington location) is the hands down best. Being from northern New Jersey, I tend to think of NY style pizza as having a very thin crust. Joe's crust is not a thin crust, nor do they offer a thin crust option to my knowledge. That said, it is still a pretty darn good pizza. It does not aspire to produce a "gourmet" pizza a la Pizzeria Paradiso, 2 Amys, or Pie Tanza; nor should it. Although I frequent and quite enjoy those three establishments, most pizza in NY will not look or taste anything like what is offered in those places. NY pizza is something you can eat standing up at a counter and with your hands - never with a knife and fork (see http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/... for pizza with utensils). Joe's qualifies. Although Joe's has multiple locations, it appears still to be run as a family operation and does not exhibit obvious corporate trappings.

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                Ditto that knife and fork comment. Never do I eat pizza that I do not fold, and never with utensils, a la Philly or Chicago. Not impressed with Joe's in Gaithersburg; pizza places should not have buffets. Like the calzone at Tony's, but only the traditional.

              2. The locations each seem different in some ways - the Leesburg Pike location is a family favorite, and it's always fairly busy.

                They were so nice to my kids' Cub Scout group and soccer teams (yes, I know I'm a cliche) - nice gotta count for something. Foodie Joe's ain't, nice Joe's is.

                The buffet has its ups and downs - especially if you're fond of the pizza. I'm not (as you can see above, others are) - at the lunch or dinner buffet, which is a heck of a bargain, I enjoy the vegetable soup (seems homemade to me), and although I don't like any of their salad dressings, the salad bar has some wonderful marinated green beans, and a great pasta salad.

                It should be noted, lunch buffet 7 days, standard dinner buffet (just like the lunch one) Mon-Wed, upgraded dinner buffet Thu (parmigiana dishes added, a bit heavy for me).

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                  When I passed the Bailey's Crossroads Joe's today, it looked mighty dead. It could have been the gray day, but I didn't see any lights on and no buffet sign out front. A few weeks ago I was looking at Rasmus auction's web site (they were selling off a strip club including the sound system, lights, and the really valuable part, the license) and there was another auction for the contents of a "Pizza and Pasta restaurant" which, from the photos, looked somewhat like Joe's.

                2. I went to Raaga today and noticed the same thing, so I went to investigate. There's a sign saying they lost their lease, and thanks for 25 years.

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                    Wonder what's going to replace it. I guess we'll find out soon. Those restaurants turn over pretty quickly, but Joe's has indeed been there for quite a while. I think it was originally built as a Red Barn (long gone fast food burgers). Raaga was originally Lord Hardwick's Pub.

                  2. Joes Pizza is great for people with kids, and that's about it. The all-you-can-eat bar is perfect for all but the most stubborn little picky eater. It's a step above McDonald's and that's about all that can be said for it.