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Jan 26, 2007 05:40 AM

Farm on Adderley Review

In sum: great place, I had endive salad app, and trout entree--both were delicious. Good white wine for $25. Fellow diners had potato leek soup which was delicious, sweet potato gnocchi and swiss chard roll--everything tasted great, and fresh.
Place was nice, cozy, service very friendly.
For 40 a head including bottle of vino, tax, of the better deals around.
Also, being that I grew up in nearby hood, I still can't believe I willingly commuted to Cortelyou road, and enjoyed it.
Don't know why I am comparing, but I like this place better than 360, although I've only been to each place once. When I left 360, I thought, if I lived in hood, I'd frequent, but not worth 30 minute drive from queens, when I left Farm my thoughts were focused on coming back and trying other items on menu (like the cheese plate i've heard about).
One more thing--the french fries are to die for.

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  1. yes, the french fries were excellent...

    as for the comparison on 360, i have the opposite view. i think 360 is definitely a place i would be pleased to go out of my way for. ive been there about 10x since the beginning and feel the place has gotten much better lately.

    1. Ok--perhaps i will go back to both places a couple of times. I guess there's no need to compare anyway--they just are both in "off-center" hoods, and are on cheaper side of restaurants...I'm glad they both exist.