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Jan 26, 2007 04:24 AM

Newbie here, with a question re: Asheville for Vday

Hi all- I'm a newbie on this site, so I'd like to say hello to everyone. I live in Raleigh, work in Chapel Hill, and go out to eat almost every night, so I hope I can bring some insight here every once in a while. And I'm excited about learning about new places!

OK, my boyfriend and I are going to Asheville for the week of Valentine's Day. I've done a board search, and found some places for lunch/dinner (Salsas, Tupelo Honey for breakfast, The Laughing Seed) but was hoping someone would suggest a nice place for Valentine's dinner. We're staying near the Biltmore, and thought we'd eat at the dining room there, but they don't take reservations unless you're staying at the Inn. Any suggestions nearby? Thanks!

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  1. In the Biltmore Village area there are two places that get mentioned a lot. Rezaz is a great place for a romantic meal with Mediterranean cuisine. Around the corner from there is a place called Fig that I have not been to but seems to have a good reputation.


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      Thanks. Those should be close to us, so I"ll check them out.

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        I think Fig is much better than Rezaz. I like the warm bistro-ish atmosphere. It's expensive, though, and my husband hates it. I'm not sure why, really.

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          he might not like it because it is so expensive


    2. Consensus among Asheville Hounds points toward just a handful of places... Besides Salsa (which almost everybody agrees is excellent and a great bargain), Limones on Eagle Street downtown and FIG in Biltmore Village seem to get the most consistent good notices.

      If money is no object I would also include Gabrielle's (at the Richmond Hill Inn).

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        Great. Thanks... I'm off to google these.

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