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Jan 26, 2007 03:50 AM

Going to Laguna Beach/Dana Point

Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants not to miss on my trip?

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  1. I was actually in Dana Point last Sunday and I really liked Wind and Sea which is at Dana Point Harbor. If you like calamari, you definitely should order the calamari strips. They're lightly breaded and fried and the meat was just buttery-tender and it came with really great dipping sauces, including a cucumber-based tarter sauce.

    For my entree, I had the seared ahi rolled in sesame seeds with a spicy asian sauce. Really delish. The fish was tender and moist and it came with a really fresh and crunchy vegetable medley with red and yellow bell pepper strips and red onions.

    Anyway, I really liked this restaurant and would definitely go back. Look below for the restaurant website.


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      Thanks, I believe I had lunch there with my daughter last February. The atmosphere was great and we did have the calamari. Thanks for your reply.

    2. Try Eva's Carribbean Kitchen in South Laguna. Always good, high quality food. I like the seafood there.

      If you like seafood, Cafe Zoolu is great. Its a little hole-in-the-wall place whose menu changes daily.

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      1. re: danapointhound

        Great. I'm going to check this out. They sound different and if the locals go there they must be good.

        Thanks for your reply.

      2. Wind n' Sea is a pretty location for lunch with it's view of the harbor entrance. After dark, when the view is gone, I'd rather eat somewhere with better food. In DP Harbor, Gemmels comes to mind, but no view at all.
        The Ritz, Regis, and Montage, several notches higher than anything in DP.
        There are numerous threads dealing with Laguna restaurants.
        Sadly, DP is lacking in good chow... especially sad since I live here ;-(

        Anybody tried the latest incarnation of the Blue Lantern Plaza restaurant? I believe it is now called "Wicked Garden"

        It's amazing how fast restaurants go bust in DP, except for the few clustered right around the harbor... and those are, for the most part, nothing special.

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        1. re: sano

          I have been to the Montage and loved the Loft restaurant. My daughter lives in DP, but I thought maybe I could find something new even for her. I'm going to run your suggestions by her and see if she has been to any of them. Thanks for your reply.

        2. 230 Forest in Laguna Beach off of Forest Ave.

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          1. re: foodseeker

            I am visiting my daughter in Dana pOint and she may not know of this place. We'll check it out. Thanks for your reply.

          2. Our family often goes to the Beach House in Dana Point. It's at the end of the harbor, nice views, decent food and good sunset specials.

            If you have the money, I also highly recommend the Studio restaurant inside the Montage hotel. It's absolutely exquisite.