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Jan 26, 2007 12:44 AM

Manresa vs. Coi... help!

So i work on V-day and therefore have reservations for Manresa on the 15th...

however i want to make sure im making the correct decision here. Ive been to FDL, the ritz, la folie. i have not been to manresa, coi or minna. not all that interested in danko.

between manresa and coi where would you go? weve been together for 4 years so a romantic vibe isnt nearly as important as food. i know coi will be more innovative, but based purely on execution, quality, and vision where do i want to go for the tasting menu?


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  1. Well, my order of preference would be:
    1. Danko;
    2. Manresa;
    3. another visit to Fleur de Lys.
    4. Coi

    1. Manresa is likely to be more innovative; if food is most important, go there first. However, on V-day and it's close environs, the kitchens are slammed and you might not get the optimal experience. Make sure to try COI when you get a chance. It too is very good, but the food is less complex than what you are likely to find at Manresa.

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        I have to disagree- I think COI is much more innovative, but that's just me. Great spot. Really depends how far you want to drive.

      2. Since when is 4 years an excuse not to be romantic AND have good food?
        Despite that comment, you done good. Manresa will be an excellent VDay experience. Haven't been to Coi but its on my short list. I have been to the other restos you mention & manresa is a standout.

        From the few times I have been, my only complaint is that you cant' go and do a set menu of appetizers. I have only done the prix fix and by the mains, I only want more small plates.

        1. I'll throw my vote in for Manresa. I liked the food better than The Dining Room or MM and was at least as equally stimulated as TFL. The decor is subdued and relaxed. Everyone toutes the tasting with wine pairing but I had a great time ordering a la carte. The wine list is less expansive than most top notch places though.

          Maybe you want to do a delayed V-Day and go for the Alain Passard dinners?

          My personal preference goes:
          1. Manresa
          2. TFL
          3. Redd
          4. The Dining Room
          5. Mina

          1. The Alain Passard dinners completely sold out within hours of being announced & there is a long waiting list.