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sweet tooth bakery in south boston

has anyone been here yet? I am looking for a special birthday cake and this would be a convenient spot but i do not know if they are any good . Any thoughts?

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  1. I haven't tried them yet, but was told they bake nothing, it's all brought in from outside sources. South Boston needs a really good bakery.

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        actually that's not right, I am friends with the owner and they do bake their own pastries, cookies, cakes, etc....

      2. Went in to check the place out. It is worth a trip in just to see the decorations on the pastry, very unusual and elaborate. I did buy a cheesecake brownie that was very good. You definitely should stop buy and check the place out yourself.

        1. Dancing Deer will be a large warehouse type of operation.
          I don't think there will be any retail.

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            The attached article (in my post above) says it will be both.

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              The article refers to a former plan for relocating the Dancing Deer Bakery. Current plans do not include a retail space.

          2. i've been there only twice but loved everything both the taste and the look. one morning i was passing just a few minutes after they opened and I had the best raisin-filled hot cross bun thingy ever. that brought me back and i got a few things to share with friends: an excellent chocolate cupcake and a very good lemon meringue tart. the cakes looked very appealing.

            1. I tried the white cupcakes with white frosting and they were terrible. Even my kids wouldn't eat them.

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                wow - we had the chocolate truffle ones and there was a scuffle for the last crumbs.

              2. Is this Sweet Tooth Bakery owned by the same people who own the Melrose Sweet Tooth Bakery?

                1. Here's a link to my post from April. Haven't been back but if I do go, it will be for the cookies.


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                  1. South Boston does have a good bakery. Joseph's.

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                      Come on, now!!

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                        Have to agree with janzy. Got a cake for a co-worker's birthday and had to wait while they frosted it but when we had it that afternoon it actually tasted stale! No flavor whatsoever. Sweet Tooth is the other extreme-very delish looking stuff that breaks the bank.

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                          I've had exactly one thing that was good from Josephs (after many attempts). The strufoli. Very well done, good texture, not too soggy.

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                        I actually think you're better off getting baked goods at Cafe Arpeggio, on the 400 block of W. Broadway. Their crusty roll is terrific! So crusty! :)

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                          I went to Joseph's 15 years ago, and I went again 3 months ago. Both times I had lousy food. No more Joseph's for me.

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                            Josephs can really be hit or miss for somethings but the snowflake rolls that are only baked saturday are ridiculous when warm and buttered!

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                              I always thought they were a Southie institution that relied on the neighborhood of yore. Sorry to say many of those were people who's food standards weren't very high. I equate the bakery with O'Brien's in Quincy. Definitely nothing special. Same goes for Montilio's.

                          2. I'm a big fan of Sweet Tooth. I've had a few misses, but mostly things have been really really good. Especially the napoleans (addictive), fruit tarts, and anything chocolate. Avoid the red velvet, I wasn't impressed.

                            1. I walk past Sweet Tootth every am and pm on my commute and they are FOR SURE baking their own- it smells so good it kills me. I have gotten excellent birthday cakes there and if you want special designs, they are really creative. They did a baby shower cake that looked like an old-fashioned baby pram, and it tasted even better than it looked. The huge homemade truffles in the choco box are a great hostess or Valentines gift too. I love Sweet Tooth and am thrilled to have them in the neighborhood.

                              1. I've been here twice for sweet treats and both times it was delicious. Everything looks so tasty that it's hard to choose! I've also had their chocolate cake, served as dessert at Potbellies (now St Alfonzos), and it was very good. As for Josephs, I'd avoid the pastries, etc and stick with the sandwiches and buffet-type food.

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                                  I generally recommend the same re: Josephs, but one time I had a dish of pumpkin ravioli from there whose color and texture were intensely off-putting. It was an ominous grey, and seriously had the stringy texture of saliva when stirred. Sorry for the gross imagery, but I haven't been back since.

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                                    Dancing Deer would like to move. However, they are having a hard time actually getting the new location. Their employees are in my work almost everyday with updates.

                                    Sweet tooth: I love their cookies and the cake I have had from there is always thru St. Alphonzo's formally Pot Bellies. the cake I do order for dessert is always FAB. very moist.

                                    I have never had a bad Josephs cake. I have had bad cookies, other desserts, pastries and their lunch food. But their cakes I have always greatly enjoyed, except maybe the oreo cake. I have used them for many a birthday and private function. I think the key to Josephs is to make sure it is baked fresh and hasnt been sitting there for 3 days.

                                2. Just wanted to add a place link.

                                  Sweet Tooth Boston
                                  371 W Broadway, Boston, MA

                                  1. I have to agree with Scubahood on this one. I grew up in Southie and I am partial to Josph's food- they are always packed and they make a great little party set up. The lasagna is always good, stuffed shells too.... but nothing compares to the Snowflake Rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG they are so good :)

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                                      we lall ove the memories of our childhood I would swear that Piccolo's bakery on Ft Hamilton parkway made the best italian ices i've every had anywhere in the world!), but Joseph's bears as much resemblance to Sweet Tooth as howard johnson clams do to the Clambox. Joseph's looks so good, tastes so ordinary. Sweet Tooth makes things that taste almost as good as they look and the look fabulous